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Feedstuff Cost Comparison App

20:11PM Sep 24, 2014

SDSU Extension has developed tools to help evaluate the relative costs of two different feedstuffs. 
By: Warren Rusche, Cow/Calf Field Specialist, SDSU Extension

The Feed Cost Calculator is available for both desktop and handheld devices. The desktop version is a spreadsheet that is availabe below. The handheld version developed for both iOS and Android devices is available by clicking the icons below or searching 'Feed Cost Calculculator' in either the iTunes App Store or Google Play.

This tool was developed collaboratively by Tracey Renelt and Warren Rusche.

Cells requiring an entry are colored yellow. Estimated values based on current market prices have been entered and will be included in the calculations unless you enter your own values. Users should not adjust cells with a white background.

  • Enter the feed cost per ton.
  • If there will be shipping costs involved, enter the number of miles and cost per mile.
  • When the number of tons per load is entered, the shipping cost per ton will appear. These cells can be left blank if there are no shipping costs, or if shipping is already included in the feed price.
  • The dry matter percentage is critical to accurately evaluate high-moisture feeds vs. dry grains or forages. Enter the DM percentages.
  • Enter the feed analysis values as labeled in each row.
  • Crude protein and TDN should be entered as a percentage (DM basis).
  • The Net Energy values should be entered as Mcal/ pound (DM).
  • The delivered cost per pound or Mcal for the two feedstuffs and the price where Feedstuff #2 equals the value of Feedstuff #1 will appear.

If the breakeven price for Feedstuff #2 is lower than the cost entered for Feedstuff #2, the cell will turn green. In that case, feedstuff #2 is a better buy for that particular nutrient.

You can type your data into the spreadsheet tool here. Your data is not collected or saved in this form. When the page is refreshed, your data will disappear.