Ferrie: Beware Of Pests And Heat On Pollinating Corn

06:55AM Jul 19, 2019
Boots in Field
Boots in the Field Report with Ken Ferrie
( Crop-Tech Consulting )

Corn growth at this point in the season is all over the board—from knee high to mature enough to pollinate. It’s corn at this latter stage that most concerns Ken Ferrie right now.

“Even a little bit of silk feeding at this point is a problem,” says Ferrie, Farm Journal Field Agronomist and owner of CropTech, Inc.

With the high numbers of Japanese beetles in many areas, Ferrie says it’s the “No. 1 pest of the week” for pest teams to monitor.

The high heat index, that’s expected to continue through the week, could also cause pollination to drop off a bit.

“This is why we recommend not planting corn so it pollinates all at the same time,” he says.

 However, if corn escapes the heat largely unscathed and continues to develop well it’s demonstrating why Ferrie says to never walk away from a crop, which so many farmers were tempted to do after planting this spring.

Ferrie is hosting the Farm Journal Corn & Soybean College next week and will be addressing corn growth and development as well as what’s happening with soybeans. Be sure to check out the agenda here: www.croptechinc.com/cbc. Don’t delay in signing up, as registration closes Sunday night.

You can also get more agronomic insights on what’s happening in the field this week at Ferrie’s Boots In the Field podcast here: