First Look: Minnesota Corn Yields Disappoint

10:20AM Aug 22, 2019
Minnesota corn is showing severe signs of nitrogen stress.
( Betsy Jibben )

As scouts trek north through Minnesota, they’re seeing sure-signs of stress in corn stands. The typically lush, productive area of southern Minnesota looks like it will be a far cry from record-breaking, and perhaps even ‘normal,’ yields.

“I’m pretty disappointed in the corn here,” says Tim Gregerson, Pro Farmer Midwest Crop Tour scout on the western leg. “The big thing we’ve seen is nitrogen deficiency, we haven’t seen it on the tour up until now and we’ve seen it on two of our four samples.”

In addition to nitrogen concerns, he’s seeing a considerable amount of lodging, too.

Watonwan Co., MN - Pod counts are super low at 686.4 by 3 x 3 area. Corn has lodging and other problems, yield at 177.97 bushels per acre. #pftour19

— Betsy Jibben (@BetsyJibben) August 22, 2019

“[You can tell] lodging hurt pollination a little bit because it’s lodged over to the other row,” Gregerson says.

Yields are coming in around 160 bu. per acre—20 bu. per acre fewer than he expects to see on this particular route. All signs point to excess moisture stress.

Martin Co., MN. Corn field looks ugly with nitrogen, green snap and poor pollination. Yield potential is 176 bushels per acre. Scouts say 20 inch rows “saved” crop. Very clean, pretty bean field from road. Pod counts 1,050 by 3 x 3 area. #pftour19

— Betsy Jibben (@BetsyJibben) August 22, 2019

“We’ve seen some prevent plant, big fields,” Gregerson says. “Little disease and bug pressure, but that nitrogen deficiency tipped back the ears a little bit”

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Tim Gregerson