Five Critical Stages to Promote High-Yielding Crops

06:30AM Mar 05, 2019
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As farmers near planting season it’s a good time to think about what it’s going to take to get your crop to the finish line with the highest profitable yield. Arysta Lifescience, recently purchased by UPL Limited for $4.2 billion, says there are five critical stages to check crops.

“Through UNLOCK 5 (a new promotion by the company to encourage optimal plant development), growers can bring balance to the changing environment at important stages of the crop life cycle by improving the crop’s ability to respond to adverse environmental stresses and reach more of its genetic potential,” said Royce Schulte, biosolutions and innovative nutrition business manager, in a recent news release.

The five stages outlined by UNLOCK 5 to maximize plant development include:

  1. Establishment: Farmers should focus on root development including mass, shoot emergence, vigor and uniform crop emergence.
  2. Architecture: Look for solid root construction, stem diameter and for quality in other yield structures (such as corn ears).
  3. Photosynthesis: Create greater leaf mass to encourage high photosynthetic activity, chlorophyll utilization and carbon dioxide fixation.
  4. Reproduction: Focus on grain size and quality by promoting efficient flowering, pollination and cell division in this stage.
  5. Sizing: Ensure sugars move from vegetative tissues into reproductive tissues to reach higher yields.