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FMC Develops 3D Insect Protection

17:10PM Mar 04, 2015

hancock_matt( Ben Potter )

Thinking outside of the box often yields positive outcomes. That got a field rep with FMC thinking – what if they could formulate an insecticide that could foam up in the furrow? Theoretically, you could apply less product and still get better coverage.

The rep ran his idea up the company chain of command, and theory turned into reality, with the creation of 3RIVE 3D technology – a 130-gallon water tank and separate 30-gallon product tank that can be compactly skid-mounted on any major planter brand.

The system incorporates Capture LFR insecticide, which is used to control early season insects such as wireworm, cutworm, grubs, armyworm and others. The insecticide and water are mixed together in the plumbing on the way to the toolbar, resulting in a foam formulation that expands by 50x in the furrow. Matt Hancock, corn segment manager for FMC, calls it an innovation that blends “molecule and machine” and explains why they named it 3RIVE.

“It creates an entirely new way to deliver crop protection products for seedling defense and yield enhancement,” he says. “The system is designed to help plants and farmers thrive.”

The system delivers 40 oz/A of product and fully loaded, it can cover 500 acres before needing a refill. Additional crop protection products will be developed for the system, but for now, FMC is focused on expanding its current footprint. In 2014, 3RIVE 3D was tested in 27 research trials in eight states by six universities. In 2015, the technology will expand to 100 farms, with a full-scale launch expected in 2016.

The system was demoed at several recent farm shows, including the National Farm Machinery Show and Commodity Classic. For more information, visit