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04:41PM Aug 16, 2014
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You’ll find plenty of people talking about the 2013 Pro Farmer Midwest Crop Tour on Twitter this week—just search for the hashtag "#pftour14".

But whether you’re a Crop Tour tweep or a news consumer in the cab or at the office computer, some common advice.

"Don’t focus on yield calculations from individual fields," says Brian Grete, Pro Farmer senior market analyst and leader of the tour’s eastern leg. "That isn’t what we are trying to do, and we actually discourage scouts from tweeting individual yield results. Instead, we look at the entire area we cover as one big corn field. Twitter is most useful for getting a general idea of what scouts are finding. And the pictures are valuable."

Here's a running list of tweets about Crop Tour:


During the tour, which runs from Aug. 18 through Aug. 21, you can stay up-to-date with yield estimates and findings at and

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