For Weaned Pigs, Feed Quality is Critical

June 23, 2017 01:44 PM

Grain quality issues can create additional problems with weaned piglets, but so can the protocols meant to protect pigs against contaminated feed, say researchers.

“Contaminated feed has been shown to be a potential vehicle for the introduction of pathogens into farms,” Laura Greiner, a veterinarian with Carthage Innovation Swine Solutions, LLC, said at the AASV meeting. “As a result, a number of hog producers have opted to use different protocols for disinfection of feed, including the use of formaldehyde-based antimicrobials. However, it has been suggested that the chemical properties of formaldehyde may interact with dietary nutrients...and affect growth performance.”

Greiner and other researchers at Carthage felt there was a lack of research results to validate previous claims. Moreover, if such effects exist, the researchers wanted to determine its extent and evaluate strategies to overcome the effects. The objective of the study was to evaluate the effects of using a formaldehyde-based feed disinfectant on the growth performance of nursery pigs fed diets with or without increasing levels of amino acid (AA) or phytase/vitamins.

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