Four ways you can hit a home run in 2019


BASF announces 2019 Grow Smart™ Rewards program

With the 2018 MLB World Series behind us, the baseball season is officially over. While batting practice is over for now, many growers are just getting started on their crop protection plans to knock the 2019 growing season out of the park. From weather and weeds to bookkeeping and compliance, farming can be complicated. But making your game plan for next season doesn’t have to be. Here are four ways you can hit a home run when planning for 2019:

1. Keep your eye on ROI
When planning your purchasing decisions for next season, make sure to make both the right agronomic and economic decisions. It’s especially important to keep in mind the return on investment you can receive when using crop protection products. It can be tempting to cut corners in order to save now, but a few months down the road, it might cost you exponentially. By investing in the right crop protection plan, you’re investing in healthy plants and cleaner fields, leading to better yields and fuller bins come harvest.

Investing in crop protection inputs at the top of the season will help you be at the top of your game for every inning, from planting to harvest. And when you participate in Grow Smart Rewards, a program designed for growers who partner with BASF, you can save while maximizing ROI and protecting your yields. This program allows growers to make the right agronomic decisions that in turn mean the right economic decisions, earning incentives depending on their crop input program.

2. Cover all of your bases
Strong plans cover every base — and acre — of your operation. Getting caught without the right herbicides and fungicides can cost you time and money later in the season. Leverage the offseason to make a detailed plan of what crop protection products you’ll use in 2019 to get the most out of your inputs and protect your bottom line.

As you build your plan for success, you can cover your bases by making sure you’ve invested in agronomic solutions that are smart for your operation and your wallet. Grow Smart Rewards helps put money back in your pocket when you leverage qualifying products like Armezon® PRO herbicide and Liberty® herbicide in unison with another product like a BASF preemergence herbicide or foliar fungicide. BASF knows that flexibility is essential, which is why growers are offered a variety of products to pair with their qualifying purchase. From planting to harvest, the BASF portfolio helps you make sure every base is covered.

3. Be ready for curveballs
Pitchers aren’t the only ones throwing curveballs. Unfavorable weather, weed resistance, disease and insect pests are all curveballs that growers are thrown throughout the year. While you can’t always control the pitch you’re thrown, what you can do is ensure you’re prepared for it.

Investing in the disease control and Plant Health benefits delivered by BASF fungicides like Headline AMP® and Priaxor® fungicides is just one way growers can stay ahead of the curve. By participating in Grow Smart Rewards, growers may earn $75 per gallon on Headline AMP or Priaxor fungicides when purchasing over 40 acres worth of volume. These products deliver Plant Health benefits including disease control, growth efficiency and improved stress tolerance, making them critical tools for a winning game plan for 2019.

4. Count on your team
There’s no “I” in team, and BASF is on your team. Partnering with BASF means you’ll have a teammate who knows your whole operation inside and out, not just what you’re buying and spraying. You can count on your BASF representative to help you do what’s best for your crops and your bottom line, turning smart agronomics into smart economics. Whether you’re stuck on first or sliding into home base, your BASF representative will have your back for every play.

For Rookies of the Year and seasoned Hall of Famers alike, building a plan with your BASF representative in Grow Smart Rewards  is your secret weapon to batting a thousand this growing season. 

Connect with your BASF representative to start building your plan today, or visit Grow Smart Rewards to learn more. Not sure who your rep is? Find out here.

Always read and follow label directions.
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