From Acts of Kindness to Agendas of Division

05:06PM Sep 14, 2017
( Farm Journal )

As our nation works to recover from hurricanes, floods and fires, we are reminded again of how hard times bring out both the best and worst in people. 

Sadly, the worst seems to get the most attention. 

There are countless untold stories of people helping those in need. 

From writing a check to donating supplies to getting in a truck and driving hundreds of miles to help someone in need, it is refreshing to see people reaching out to those in need. 

Many of those stories won’t be covered with a TV camera or written words, but their impact will be felt and appreciated for years to come. 

Those acts are reminders of what makes our country so special. 

On the other hand, we see how quickly some are to return to their agendas of division.  It’s seems some of them could hardly wait to move on from natural disasters to get back to their self-promoted ones. 

Often the national media seems all too happy to help them do so. 

It seems they can only stand to have hopeful, positive stories for a short time before they get back to promoting the partisan finger pointing conflict that dominates our news today. 

There’s no doubt our country has plenty of problems to work through, but I believe the solutions will be found where many fail to look. 

Disasters, painful as they are, often help us find what brings us together. 

Sadly, there are many today that would rather focus on tearing us apart.