From Field to Fork: Chefs Learn About Beef

10:59AM Aug 21, 2014

Beautiful day for a farm tour( PA Beef Council Facebook )

The Pennsylvania Beef Council, in partnership with the Pennsylvania Soybean Board, provided more than 20 local chefs and foodservice professionals with an up-close look at the beef industry. On Monday, August 18, the group toured farms in Lebanon and Lancaster counties, learning how the beef they serve gets from field to fork.

The tour kicked off at R&B Kreider, Lebanon, where the group received a first-hand look at a cow/calf operation. Brian Kreider and his father, Richard, manage 125 head of Angus cattle – 70 of which are fed and finished annually – and farm 300 acres of soybeans, corn and wheat. Kreider spoke about the farm’s day-to-day operation, cattle nutrition and their commitment to animal health. "We take care of these animals the best way we possibly can," he said. "The better they perform for us, the better product we can provide you to put on your customer’s table."

Next, the group headed to Nissley Bros. Farm, a seventh generation family-operated feedlot located in Mt. Joy. Darwin Nissley, and his brother Bernard, welcomed the group and proceeded with a walking tour of the barns, corral system and feed bunks. The Nissley brothers feed cattle for 120-130 days and can accommodate up to 800 animals.

The day ended with a panel discussion hosted by industry experts including Paul Slayton, Moderator, Cow/Calf Producer, BearDance Farm; Darwin Nissley, Feedlot Operator, Nissley Bros. Farm; Mike Smucker, Custom Processor, Smucker’s Meats; Brian Kreider, Beef and Soybean Farmer, R&B Kreider Farm; and Dr. Dave Wolfgang, Veterinarian, Pennsylvania State Department of Veterinary Sciences.

Source: Pennsylvania Beef Council