From The Rows -- Day 2 Brian Grete

23:43PM Aug 19, 2014

From the Rows with Brian Grete


Day 2 of the Pro Farmer Midwest Crop Tour took my route west and north out of Fishers through crop districts 5, 2 and 1 in Indiana. My group took seven samples from Tipton, Clinton, Carroll, White and Benton counties today. Areas along our route received a light overnight rain, which meant soils were a little tacky in some areas.

For corn, we had a yield range of 147.92 bu. per acre to 291.3 bushels. The average yield on our seven samples was 183.59. The most noticeable change from what we saw on Day 1 was the maturity of the crop. The Indiana corn crop on my route was much more advanced. Plant health was also strong. And consistent with the first day, ear counts were high, ranging from 88 to 121.

For soybeans, our pod counts in a 3'X3' square averaged 1,284.45, with a range from 876 to 1,982.4. Of the fields we sampled, only one had some blooms. In that field, late-season rains could build the yield "factory." But in the other fields, late-season rains would still help fill pods.

For Indiana, the Tour data showed an average yield of 185.03 bu. per acre, up 10.6% from year-ago. Soybean pod counts in a 3'x3' square came in at 1,220.70, up 3.0% from last year's Tour. There's definitely a lot of potential in Indiana. Key is going to be late-season rains. The more rain the Hoosier state gets from late August to mid-September, the more yield potential the crop will hold onto.

In eastern Illinois, my route sampled fields in Iroquois, Ford and McLean counties. Surprisingly, our average corn yield dropped from what calculated in Indiana, to 177.92 bu. per acre, with a range from 134.85 to 227.80. I say surprisingly, because I had heard about how universally strong the Illinois corn crop is this year. Aside from the really low sample we pulled, our corn yield calculations in eastern Illinois were very solid, but not jaw-dropping good. Interestingly, our lowest and our highest Illinois yield sample were both from McLean County.

Unlike corn, our pod counts increased from Indiana. Pods in a 3'X3' square averaged 1,366.11 in Illinois, with a range from 1,164. 67 to 1,949.2. Soybeans were taller than seen on Day 1 of Tour.

On Day 3, scouts will head out from Bloomington en route to Iowa City.


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