From The Rows -- Day 4 Brian Grete

00:49AM Aug 22, 2014

From the Rows with Brian Grete

The final day of the Pro Farmer Midwest Crop Tour took my route west and north out of Iowa City through crop districts 6 and 3 through Iowa -- in the counties of Benton, Buchanan, Black Hawk, Bremer, Chickasaw and Howard. Corn yields ranged from 109 bu. per acre to 212 bushels. The average yield on my route through Iowa today was 173.7 bu. per acre.

When the samples from all 12 eastern Tour routes were tabulated, the Iowa corn yield came in at 178.75 bu. per acre, up 4.0% from year-ago and 13.2% above the 3-year Tour average. The extreme consistency we saw in Illinois was not seen in Iowa. In fact, the route my group had in Iowa today saw extreme variability in eastern Iowa.

For soybeans, the average pod count in a 3'x3' square on my route through Iowa today came in at 978.3. In general, Iowa pod counts on my route were average to below average for the areas we sampled.

The soybean pod count in a 3'x3' square for all Tour samples in Iowa came in at 1,173.59, which is up 26.6% from year-ago and 11.8% higher than the three-year Tour average.

In Minnesota, my route only took one sample today. For corn, we got a yield of 190 bu. per acre. For soybeans, we had a pod count in a 3x3 square of only 610.

I'd like to thank all of my scouts on the eastern leg of this year's Crop Tour for all of their hard work over this week. I've said it repeatedly, but we couldn't do Tour without all of your hard work and dedication. Your countless hours of crop scouting this week are greatly appreciated.


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