Frost, Corn, and Soybeans: Expert Resources For Farmers

11:17AM Sep 12, 2014
Frost Iowa NRCS
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If this week’s unseasonably cold weather in the Midwest has left your corn and soybean crops with a covering of frost or snow, you may be wondering what to do next. Those decisions depend on the weather, of course, but also the crop’s level of maturity.

Here’s what you need to know about corn and frost, courtesy of the Manitoba (Canada) Corn Growers Association, which recommends this piece:
Handling Corn Damaged by Autumn Frost, from the National Corn Handbook.

If you’re concerned about your soybeans, you may want to review this article from University of Nebraska—Lincoln, which also touches on corn:
Frost/Freeze Effect on Corn and Soybean.

If you've got frost or snow in your fields, let us know. Send your observations and photos to [email protected]