FSA Surprisingly Releases Certified Acreage Data

19:45PM Aug 15, 2011

USDA's Farm Service Agency (FSA) late this afternoon made available the 2011 Certified Acreage data. We'll have much more on this story and why FSA released this data in upcoming reports.

This evening, Pro Farmer Editor Chip Flory (@ChipFlory) was active on Twitter with this analysis of the FSA Certified Acreage data:

  • WOW!! That was fast. "Soon" was way "sooner" than I expected!!! FSA Certified acres are released!!!!
  • OMG! File is HUGE! 3,090 data entries for Alabama alone! File size making it tough to navigate, analyze. Working on it!!
  • Looking at N. Dakota data: 3,799 data points! Data includes Prevented Planted Acres, but all crops are mixed. Sorting Yellow Corn now...
  • N. Dakota Prevented Plant corn acres of 810,070.95. That's after taking sweet corn and "ornamental" acres out.(All N.D. PP next)
  • If I'm reading data right, N. Dakota had 5,571,283.63 Prevented Plant acres on all crops. Alfalfa PP 514.60; Barley 209,621.08
  • N.D. 2011 PP acres: Canola 460,541.58; Corn (all) 810,071.60; Soybeans 478,617.07; Wheat (all) 2,924,466.35.
  • FSA Certified Acreage data includes 159,608 individual entries. Total certified acres (all crops) 395,777,809.96
  • All certified acres includes Puerto Rico and crops like "fallow ground, CRP, Mixed Forage. ANYTHING considered "farmland."
  • Total Prevented Planting acres from all crops, all states, +Puerto Rico = "just" 10,612,010.38 of the nearly 396 million planted.
  • FSA Certified Acres includes "Failed Acres." Total of all entries = 5,096,524.17 acres.
  • Failed Acres from FSA Certified acreage data: All Corn (sweet, yellow, ornamental) 338,043.65; ALL Cotton 2,985,528.75; SB 99,815.11
  • Failed acres on All Wheat = 1,268,579.24 acres from FSA Certified Acres Report. (I'm done... for now.)

Please, take some time and look at the data on your own when you get a chance. It is our understanding FSA will update the certified acreage data on a regular basis to keep it as current as possible.

To see FSA Certified Acreage Data: Click here!