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Full Coverage: American Angus Controversy

19:28PM Oct 02, 2014

Below is Beef Today's full coverage of the American Angus Association issue.

Angus Association News


Angus Coup Goes Awry

Minnie Lou Bradley, president of the American Angus Association in 2004, often reminded the board of directors of decisions other breeds made. "I asked them, ‘Are we gonna stay on top, or do something foolish?’"


Angus: Catalyst for Change

Though hard to measure, a good share of the credit for today’s robust consumer demand must be attributed to the success of Certified Angus Beef.


Closing the Gate: The Everyday Angus Burden

Touring a western Kansas feedlot this spring provided a real-world glimpse of the influence of breed associations on our industry.


Letters from the Association

Letter from Association staff

Letter from Bryce Schumann, chief executive

Letter from Angus Board

Letter from past presidents of the American Angus Association

Letter from past presidents of the American Angus Association, in support of Angus CEO and current Board of Directors, April 14, 2014



Association Press Release


The Good News: AAA and the Angus Business

Since the economic downturn, Angus has enjoyed unparalleled growth.



Angus Association

As the nation’s largest breed, the Angus Association influences every segment of the beef industry in every corner of America. What are your thoughts on the recent changes happening there?

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