GA Gin Owner: “None Is Going To China [from Warehouse].”

08:36AM May 10, 2019
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The Trump Administration increased the trade war with China, officially increasing tariffs on $200 Billion of Chinese imports. The administration is also potentially adding an additional $325 Billion of Chinese goods.

However, China has been shy to buy some ag products like cotton in the Southeast for quite some time.

Betsy Jibben makes the trip to East-Central Georgia to talk with a gin manager about exports which aren’t going to the country. She talks with Ralph Sandeford, the owner of the Midville Gin and Warehouse, Midville, GA; and Bill Easterlin, the CEO and President of the Queensborough National Bank in Louisville, GA; Kevin Cobb, a banker and farmer with Southern Cobb Farms in Washington County, GA and Ashley Arrington, the founder of AgriAuthority and Credit Development Officer with Farmhold Financial.

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