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12:07AM Dec 07, 2013
Farmers Feeding the World
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Farmers Feeding the World unites farmers, agribusinesses and partners to fight hunger, stand up for agriculture

The past 12 months have been busy and rewarding for the Farm Journal Foundation and its first platform: Farmers Feeding the World (FFW). Thanks to generous support from Farm Journal readers, agribusinesses and foundations, the non-profit effort has been able to accomplish its mission to rally the agricultural community around the fight against world hunger.

Join Fellow Farmers

Every effort FFW undertakes falls into one of three strategic priorities:

  • Elevate the next generation’s understanding of the connection between expanding global nutritional needs and advanced agriculture’s capa­city to meet those needs. 
  • Advocate for a policy environment that prioritizes hunger issues and empowers farmers and ranchers to meet the challenge.
  • Advance sustainable agricultural development, as well as other proven hunger solutions. Throughout the year, those priorities were put into action with a broad range of activities that included:
    • Continued support of our $1 million donation to Heifer International to help feed the hungry in the U.S. and around the world. As an agricultural development organization, Heifer International empowers individuals to produce nutrition for themselves and others in their community.
    • Execution of an interactive, educational HungerU Tour that visited 27 universities across the country and National FFA Convention, teaching the next generation of leaders and voters about agriculture’s critical role in feeding a hungry world. More than 25,000 students engaged in a meaningful conversation, while more than 1 million students and 200,000 community leaders were reached.

As a part of the tour, more than 200,000 meals were packed and dona­ted to families in need.

  • Co-hosted a Capitol Hill briefing with the Senate Hunger Caucus on International Agriculture and Food Security in May. Special guests included Bill Gates of the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation; Senator Jerry Moran (R-Kan); Senator Sherrod Brown (D-Ohio); Ambassador Tony Hall of the Alliance to Hunger; Jeff Austin of DuPont Pioneer; and Stephanie Mercier of Agricultural Perspectives.
  • Support funding for a $500,000 grant program that awarded up to $2,500 each to 113 FFA chapters. The partnership with the National FFA Organization was possible with matching funds from the Howard G. Buffett Foundation. The FFA: Food for All grants provided chapters with a jump-start on community hunger solutions.
  • Hosted a breakfast at the World Food Prize event.
  • Conducted face-to-face meetings with policymakers.
  • Hosted the Farm Journal Forum in Washington, D.C.

"The Farm Journal Foundation team is honored to unite all of agriculture in one effort to help alleviate hunger and advocate for modern agriculture’s capacity to tackle this global crisis," says Andrew J. Weber Jr., chairman of the Foundation. "We’re flattered that such a champion of agricultural development and technology as Bill Gates chose our briefing venue to advance an understanding of such complex issues.

"Most importantly, there is no one more important to include in our effort than the American farmer. Every dollar counts," he adds. 

You can e-mail Charlene Finck  at [email protected].

Nominate Yourself for the Farm Team

Currently, the U.S. spends 1% of its annual budget on international affairs, including support to all U.S.-led efforts in fighting global hunger and poverty through agriculture. As policymakers in Washington, D.C., weigh 2014-15 budget priorities, there is a risk that the political will to continue leadership in supporting farmers around the world might falter.

Join the Farm Journal Foundation’s Farmers Feeding the World platform in a new initiative to enable U.S. farmers and ranchers to lend their voice in educating policymakers on the global hunger challenge—and the need to continue supporting modern agriculture in developing countries.

As a member of the Farmers Feeding the World Farm Team, you will help us shape our strategy of engaging policymakers in D.C. and your home district while receiving training to be an effective advocate. Farm Team members will be competitively chosen with the opportunity to serve for two years. Annual commitment will be one to two weeks throughout the year, with travel expen­ses for participation covered.

If you would like to nominate yourself for the Farm Team—or suggest someone who should be invited to participate—raise your hand.

To learn more about the Farmers Feeding the World Farm Team, visit

Additional ways to donate:  or call (866) 268-8661

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Farmers Feeding the World efforts in 2013 reached from Capitol Hill with a Senate briefing with Bill Gates in May to 27 universities across the country with the interactive HungerU Tour that helps educate tomorrow’s leaders.