From “Geek Speak” to Street Speak

02:13PM Nov 18, 2019
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Marc Saltzman is a tech evangelist and with 25 years experience in analyzing the tech industry. 

At the 2019 AgTech Expo he’ll give practical tips and tangible ways to think about how technology is changing our personal lives and businesses.

In the closing keynote, Saltzman will share the key trends to watch in the consumer tech space and how they’ll effect agriculture.

One of the biggest things he says to watch: applications of artificial intelligence.  

“We are all increasingly relying on mobile devices for business. One tip is to try the smart assistant apps, which are examples of artificial intelligence. It lets you do more, in less time, using the most natural and intuitive interface we’ve got: our voice. Automation is really going to transform our lives personally and professionally. And automation is definitely in the future of farming.”

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Farm Journal AgTech Expo

DEC. 16-17, 2019 | Indianapolis, IN

Episode 46: Geek Speak To Street Speak