Gene Editing, GMOs Giving Producers, Consumers Choices

December 8, 2016 09:30 AM
Double Plant corn

Precision gene editing in plants is a way for scientists and researchers to increase nutritional value and decrease susceptibility to diseases. Plant breeders want all the tools in the tool box to make quick efficient changes, and gene editing is another instrument.

On AgriTalk Wednesday, Bernice Slutsky, senior vice president of domestic and international policy with the American Seed Trade Association, said scientists understand how plants work on both the macro and micro level, and they want to solve the plant problems farmers face using “very precise changes.”

According to Slutsky, the main difference between gene editing and GMOs is using the applications used in gene editing, while a GMO is the final product developed through gene editing applications that don’t have any foreign DNA.

“You’re working with what’s already there, just more precisely,” said Slutsky.

Listen to Slutsky discuss the global challenges facing gene editing and how to convey the process in a scientific way to consumers on AgriTalk above.

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