Genex Introduces Nutritional Calf Paste

10:40PM Oct 21, 2014
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Dairy and beef producers can now give newborn calves a little extra boost of energy with Push™, a calf nutritional paste available from Genex Cooperative, Inc.

“Push provides newborn calves with a balanced blend of two key colostrum components – globulin proteins and milkfat,” explains Katie Wolf, Product Program Manager, “When given to a calf immediately following birth, Push provides an extra burst of energy and helps to jumpstart the calf’s immune system. It also further enhances the benefits of colostrum feeding.”

While developed for newborn calves, Push is a valuable energy source in many situations where calves face stress or disease challenges. Provide Push when calves are:

  • Recovering from disease or infection
  • Not consuming adequate feed and acting lethargic
  • Transported long distances, become less alert and depressed
  • Scouring, not consuming feed and losing weight (if scouring, also provide an electrolyte such as NuLife® Oral Electrolytes to aid in fluid balance)
  • Not given adequate colostrum immediately following birth

For more information or to purchase Push, contact your local Genex representative, call customer service at 888-333-1783 or visit


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