Genex to Market SCR Heatime System

01:23PM Oct 02, 2014
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Source: Genex Cooperative, Inc. and SCR Dairy, Inc.

Genex Cooperative, Inc. and SCR Dairy Inc. have announced a new partnership in which Genex will market the SCR Heatime® system. This advanced, real-time, system enables dairy producers to power-up their cow monitoring capabilities.

“We are excited to align with SCR Dairy, the market leader in cow activity and rumination systems,” says Roy Wilson, Genex vice president of U.S. marketing, sales and service, “and to deliver this innovative cow monitoring system to Genex members and customers so they can make better data-driven decisions.”

The Heatime system combines one-of-a-kind rumination monitoring with accurate heat detection, allowing dairy producers unmatched access to information about cow health, nutrition, reproduction and comfort. The precise data allows for better individual and whole-herd management because health and reproductive problems are identified early and can be solved more quickly.

The Heatime system is available for purchase through Genex representatives. For additional information on the system, contact a Genex representative or visit

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