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Go Festive with Beef!

21:15PM Dec 20, 2014

Consider beef this holiday season.
By: Bethany Johnston, Nebraska Extension Educator

As the holidays creep closer, have you thought about what will be on the menu? Consider BEEF this holiday season!

Mini glazed meatballs and beef & blue cheese stuffed mushrooms for appetizers, a prime rib roast for a holiday meal, and even beef for breakfast! Beef is versatile enough for all these tasty treats!

Check out for mouthwatering recipes. “I’m dreaming of 12 holiday beef recipes” covers the feast from finger foods to the beef roasts.

The right cut selection is key for a tender and satisfying meal. 

If you are looking for a show stopper, try dry roasting! For dry roasting (high heat with the meat not covered), choose cuts from the rib, loin, or flat iron. Prime rib and tenderloins are tender choices for these high heat roasts. A meat thermometer is your friend when making roasts. Check the doneness of your roast by inserting the thermometer into the center of the roast. Remove from oven when instant-read thermometer inserted into center of thickest part of roast registers 135°F for medium rare or 150°F for medium doneness. Wait 5-10 minutes before carving to keep the roast juicy.

Grilling also uses high heat, but you can pick a less tender cut and marinade for 6-24 hours in a marinade with an acidic ingredient (like lemon juice, soy sauce, or vinegar). 

If you prefer a pot roast like grandma made, choose a chuck roast and cook with slow moist heat for several hours. The meat should remain covered so the tough collagen in the meat turns into a soft gelatin. Another plus is the drippings, or juice, in the bottom on the pan can be turned into homemade gravy!

Not only does beef hold a deep, rich taste, but it is also high in zinc, iron, and protein.

Enjoy the holidays and celebrate with beef!