Granular Tool Measures Field Profitability

01:28PM Mar 11, 2020
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( Aimee Cope )

Farmers have access to a free digital tool that helps pinpoint field-level profitability with minimal effort. Granular recently announced it will launch Granular Insights to replace manual spreadsheets and combine farm operation data with estimated revenue, and cost data to help farmers make operational decisions.

This takes a lot of the work out of finding each field’s bottom line. Instead of stitching data together on a spreadsheet, Granular Insights does that work for the farmer. For example, the company says farmers can analyze the return on investment of seed decisions, visualize field performance and harvest moisture levels through map layers, in addition to comparing field financials.

Farmers control who has access to this data. Granular says farmers create an average of 2,500 data points in a single growing season. Many farmers don’t track field level productivity, either, and it’s time and labor consuming.

“Especially in today’s environment, farmers need to have better visibility into their bottom line,” said Sid Gorham, CEO of Granular and president of Corteva Agriscience digital business platform in a release. “We realized one of the greatest pain points on the farm is that a farmer’s data is sitting all over the place, and it takes a lot of time and effort to putt it all together.”

Granular is integrated with John Deere Operations Center and more than 10 other manufacturers to get access to near real-time data uploads and find each field’s profitability. Last year the company beta tested this product with 1,500 farmers.

This tools saves farmers up to three weeks’ worth of man hours of data entry per year, the company claims.

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