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Guiding Commercial Female Selection - Red Angus Association of America Releases Herd Navigator

12:14PM Jan 06, 2015

With increasing expectations of commercial producers, the Red Angus Association of America (RAAA) strives to ensure producers of the productive, long-term, positive return of Red Angus genetics. Powered by the Red Angus database and a GeneSeek reduced-panel DNA test, the RAAA has developed and released the Herd Navigator genetic panel. 
The Herd Navigator provides vital genetic information on tested Red Angus-influenced commercial females. Tested females receive genetic information in the form of individual percentile rank as compared to the herd, and individual percentile rank as compared to all other Red Angus genotyped animals. 
“With the rebuilding process that the cattle herd in the United States is experiencing as a whole, the Red Angus Herd Navigator is a great tool to utilize for mating and culling decisions,” said Halla Pfeiff, DNA & breed improvement projects coordinator. “The Herd Navigator allows producers to evaluate their own females while also comparing with the breed population.”
Traits included in the Herd Navigator are Red Angus’ HerdBuilder and GridMaster Indices, all EPD traits and parent verification, given the potential sires have been tested with the RA50K test. Due to the DNA test being breed specific, the Herd Navigator should only be used on females that are at least 75 percent Red Angus. The culmination of information delivered through the Herd Navigator provides commercial producers with an unmatched tool for guiding their selection decisions.
To order the Herd Navigator tests, producers must complete and submit the DNA order form found at Blood cards will be provided free of charge. Producers ordering the Herd Navigator tests must own at least one registered Red Angus bull, and the bull(s) must be transferred to the ordering producer. 
Take advantage of the special introductory price of $25 per female by ordering your Herd Navigator Test today. For more information on the Red Angus Herd Navigator, visit 
The Red Angus Association of America (RAAA) serves the beef industry by enhancing and promoting the competitive advantages of Red Angus and Red Angus-influenced cattle. The RAAA provides commercial producers with the most objectively described cattle in the industry by seeking and implementing new technologies based on sound scientific principles that measure traits of economic importance. For more information, visit

Source: Red Angus Association of America