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Harvest Videos Have Never Been Better, Pt. II

14:12PM Nov 28, 2014

As we noted back in October, there’s something undeniably iconic about a combine rolling through the field that has made farmers want to capture the moment on film for years. For 2014, that sentiment hasn’t changed – what has changed is the technology to get cameras fixed in interesting places to showcase harvest season like it’s never been seen before.

Last month, we compiled a few of these videos worthy of another viewing. Since that time, we’ve uncovered even more great videos that capture the spirit and success that came out of this year’s crop season.

Here are even more hand-selected favorites from AgWeb editors showcasing the diversity of American farmers at harvest time.

“Thumb of Michigan” Soybean Harvest

Oklahoma Potato Harvest

Nebraska Soybean Harvest

Idaho Wheat Harvest (courtesy Jeff Zenner photography)

Georgia Peanut Harvest

Iowa Corn Harvest (in the snow!)

Wrapping up Harvest in North Dakota

Click here if you missed Part 1. And if your favorite missed the list, add a link to the comments below.