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Harvest Report: Mid-South Sees Wet Corn, Good Yields

05:00AM Sep 26, 2013
Foggy Corn Field Pro Farmer Crop Tour 2013

While wet weather and cool temperatures have slowed corn drydown this year, Tennessee farmer John Smith says, yields appear to be as much as 25% above average.

"I’m about half-done shelling corn," says Smith, who farms in Puryear. "We started at the 27% to 28% moisture level. This has been an unusual year, the corn’s not drying a whole lot, but we’re still shelling and have been pleasantly surprised with our yields so far."

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In addition to raising 1,000 acres of corn, Smith grows 1,700 acres of beans, 650 acres of oats double-cropped behind wheat and 160 acres of tobacco. He also runs a registered Angus herd with a cow-calf operation.

On the soybean side, Smith says the crop is normally planted starting in early May. This year, late corn planting and wheat cutting pushed that date back. Still, he is optimistic given crop conditions.

"Our beans are late just because of the challenges that we’ve had with weather, but if the frost holds off, we’re going to have a tremendous bean crop," he says.

Play the audio clip below to learn more about Smith’s operation and his use of farm technology in this edition of AgWeb’s Harvest Reports: