Hear FarmLink CEO Ron LeMay at 2015 Top Producer Seminar

05:00PM Oct 30, 2014
Top Producer Seminar
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Registration is underway for the 2015 Top Producer Seminar, which will include a presentation titled “Think Beyond the ‘Now’” from Ron LeMay, former president of Sprint.

Power Hour Noon LogoLeMay now serves as CEO and chairman of FarmLink, whose TrueHarvest yield benchmarking service helps producers evaluate the effectiveness of inputs and management decisions.

Quoting from his FarmLink biography:

“In addition to his role with FarmLink, Ron is the managing director and co-founder of OpenAir Equity Partners, where he recognizes innovation and guides up-and-coming companies in successfully applying technology in the marketplace. Prior to starting OpenAir Equity Partners, he spent decades in senior leadership roles with Sprint (President and COO), AT&T and Southwestern Bell, working in an environment known for innovation and budding technologies. As the first employee and CEO of Sprint PCS, Ron guided the company from start-up to $10B in annual revenue faster than any company in U.S. history.”

Be sure to register now for your chance to win a free iPad! The first 100 registrants will be entered in the drawing. The seminar happens Jan. 21-23, 2015, in Chicago.