Hemp Farmers Association Launches

07:02AM May 08, 2018
The Hemp Farmers Association (HFA) aims to “educate, support and help protect” hemp growers.
( Giles Shell )

As hemp growers across America search for reliable support, the Hemp Farmers Association (HFA) has announced its formation. The newly created organization aims to “educate, support and help protect” hemp growers.

The HFA intends to assist hemp farmers through growing instruction, shared research, and vetted vendors. First-year memberships are free for licensed hemp growers. HFA board members (11) include growers from Colorado, Kentucky, Oregon, Montana, Minnesota, New York, North Dakota, Washington and Wisconsin.

HFA board member Sam Armstrong farms in central Montana. He began growing hemp for seed and CBD in 2017. Armstrong grew 140 acres of hemp in 2017, and intends to grow 600 acres in 2018. “I feel the top priority of this organization is protection of the farmer. As growers, we also need HFA to generate more and more awareness to help create a market for our hemp crops,” he explains.

Clarence Laub began growing hemp for seed in 2016, and hopes to plant 100 acres in 2018. The North Dakota farmer and HFA board member says education is a top priority. “I try to answer questions from growers all over the nation. Hemp Farmers Association will be a great means to build a hemp network across the country.”

“When I started with hemp, I was basically alone and isolated. We need farmers to be open and share. We all need to help each other on family farms that want to grow hemp,” Laub adds.

Wisconsin grower and HFA board member Eric Schendel is brand new to hemp. He intends to start small, with 8 acres of hemp in 2018. “Knowledge. That’s what I need. Buying seed, growing and selling product is filled with complication,” he describes. “There’s nobody out there to depend on and that’s how the Hemp Farmers Association will help.”

For more information, see hempfarmersassociation.org.



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