Herd Management Strategies Top Beef Cattle Seminar Agenda

11:16PM Jan 13, 2015
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Extension specialists from Purdue University, the University of Kentucky and the University of Tennessee will share strategies for profitable beef herd management at the annual Cow/Calf Improvement Seminar.

The seminar, called "Developing a Reproductively Sound Cow Herd," is scheduled for 8:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. Jan. 17 at the Orange County Community Center, 1075 N. Sandy Hook Road, Paoli.

This year's seminar is especially timely as many producers are looking to take advantage of higher beef prices and lower feed costs by expanding their herds, said Levi Berg, Purdue Extension educator in Orange County.

"This program was specifically developed to help producers increase income by improving reproductive efficiencies, developing and managing for better cows and making sound reproductive decisions," Berg said.

Topics include:

* The potential use of EPDs for heifer selection.

* The role of fetal programming and epigenetics in herd management.

* Managing young cows to maximize performance.

* Keeping records for improved reproductive performance.

* Breeding soundness.

Panelists are Kara Stewart, assistant professor of animal sciences and specialist in reproductive physiology at Purdue; Byron Fagg, a retired Purdue Extension educator; Les Anderson, beef cattle extension professor and specialist in reproductive physiology at the University of Kentucky; and Justin Rhinehart, assistant professor of animal science and beef cattle specialist at the University of Tennessee.

Cost is $30. Lunch, provided by the Orange County Cattleman's Association, is included.

Source: Purdue University