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Hot New Iron

00:21AM Dec 14, 2013

A snapshot of equipment for all across the farm introduced in the past year

Manufacturers built in more technology, new engines, and higher capacities in the past year, which yielded a bumper crop of new equipment.

Powerful pull. In the four-wheel-drive tractor sector, highlights include horsepower gains and more tracks.

Case IH expanded its Steiger line to include seven models with up to 682 engine horsepower from a 12.9-liter FPT engine. The Steiger Rowtrac 500 boasts a wider track undercarriage that accommodates 24" and 30" tracks. 

The articulated T9 tractors from New Holland include the T9.700, which produces 682 maximum engine hp and an additional model, the T9.645, which aims to bridge the gap between the T9.600 and the top-of-range T9.700. Tier 4 Final-compliant engines feature ECOBlue Hi-eSCR.

Tractors in Versatile’s DeltaTrack lineup—available with 450, 500 or 550 engine hp—boasts four tracks with an inte­grated track undercarriage mounting system available in 30" or 36" widths. The tractors are powered by Cummins QSX 15-liter engines.

Claas Lexion 760TT
Case IH Ecolo Tiger 875
Hagie STS for 2014

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In-field work. High-horsepower row-crop tractors increased productivity with more power and technology. 

The Magnum lineup from Case IH features nine Tier 4 Final-compliant, SCR-only models powered by 6.7-liter or 8.7-liter engines. The series spans from 155 to 315 PTO hp and can be geared with a continuously variable transmission (CVT).

The four-model MT800E Series from Challenger ranges from 450 to 590 engine hp with an AGCO Power 16.8-liter diesel engine with two-stage turbochargers, a Caterpillar powershift transmission and a three-point hitch with 16,000-lb. lift capacity.

Within the MT700E Series tracked tractors from Challenger are three models, MT755E (350 hp), MT765E (375 hp) and MT775E (400 hp), each featuring an AGCO Power 9.8-liter engine with a 500-hour service interval and flexible oil requirements.

JCB introduced the 3000 Fastracs outfitted with Tier 4 Interim-compliant AGCO Power engines, optional Trimble precision ag equipment, a road performance package and an anti-lock braking system. Five models are available in the U.S., including the 3230 Xtra with 190 PTO hp.

John Deere brought to market its latest 8R tractors, comprising five wheeled and three tracked models, ranging from 200 to 308 PTO hp. The top two-wheeled models and all three tracked models are geared with an infinitely variable transmission (IVT). The other four models have the a standard 16-speed power­shift transmission. The 7R tractors feature five models ranging from 170 to 242 PTO hp and powered by 6.8- and 9.0-liter PowerTech PSS engines. The 8R and 7R series tractors feature a new cooling package and can be geared with the e23 powershift transmission with Efficiency Manager.

Reviving a name that first appeared 20 years ago, New Holland introduced the Genesis T8 Series tractors. When outfitted with a CVT, the Genesis T8.420 has a max of 419 engine hp and a longer wheelbase than competitive tractors. The T7 tractors range from 100 to 195 PTO hp and are Tier 4 Final-compliant with three standard wheelbase models and four long wheelbase models. They have a comprehensive Headland Turn Sequence II function.

Featuring the largest cab in its class, Versatile introduced three new models in its row-crop tractor lineup. The tractors boast 210, 230 and 250 PTO hp and feature Cummins Tier 4 Interim-com­pliant engines, a 16F/9R full powershift transmission, 170-gal. fuel capacity and 55-gal.-per-minute standard hydraulic flow.

On-farm assistants. Utility tractors feature more transmission options and lower horsepower ranges.

The Maxxum lineup from Case IH is available with a CVT on its 90, 100 and 110 PTO hp models. Standard Power Boost provides up to an additional 20 hp. The Farmall U tractors include two models, the 105U with 91 PTO hp and the 115U with 98 PTO hp. They use Tier 4 Interim-compliant Case IH FPT four-cylinder 3.4-liter turbocharged and intercooled engines and feature 12F/12R transmissions. The Farmall C tractors comprise three models ranging from 75 to 95 PTO hp.

Five models ranging from 90 to 125 PTO hp fill out the lineup of MT400D Series tractors from Challenger featuring 4.9-liter AGCO Power engines. Transmission options include the 16F/16R AutoPower IV, the 24F/24R AutoPower VI and the TechStar CVT.

The updated 5E Series utility tractors from John Deere are available in models ranging from 37 to 85 PTO hp and feature Tier 4 Interim-compliant engines, more cab and open-operator station options, as well as more transmission options. The 5085E and 5100E can be ordered with a climate-controlled cab or an open-operator station.

McCormick International USA Inc. introduced the G-Max Series of tractors, including the G145 Max (T3) with 120 PTO hp and the G165 Max (T3) with 135 PTO hp. The machines have Betapower engines with six turbocharged cylinders and 68-gal. fuel tanks.

The T6 Auto Command lineup from New Holland offers two models–the T6.140 with 90 PTO hp and the T6.160 with 110 PTO hp. Both models are geared with CVTs and outfitted with the updated Horizon cab. Joining New Holland’s T5 lineup are the T5.105 and T5.115 models with an Electro Command semi-powershift transmission and 91 and 98 PTO hp, respectively. New Holland introduced the T4 Series tractors powered by Tier 4 Interim-compliant engines with three models ranging from 70 to 91 PTO hp.

Seeding success. More planters and drills joined the market sporting bigger seed and fertilizer tanks, as well as added electric metering capabilities.

AGCO Corporation introduced the 12-row Model 9812 to the White Planters lineup, a flagship model for the new 9000 Series. It carries 90 bu. of seed in the Central Fill System hopper or can be equipped with 2- or 3-bu. individual-row seed hoppers. The planter is available with ground drive or variable-rate hydraulic drive.

The Bourgault 7700 Air Seeder offers a three- or four-tank metering system, including the FLEX bin with a 60-bu. nonmetering compartment that can be diver­ted into the No. 1 tank (295 bu.) or the No. 2 tank (105 bu.).

The Case IH Early Riser 5 Series planters feature the Advanced Seed Meter singulation adjustment system for individual row adjustments without changing speed, vacuum or down pressure across the machine. Upgraded bulk-fill delivery for models 1245, 1255 and 1265 includes an inductor design with improved sealing, filling and hose systems. The Precision Disk 500 single-disk air drills from Case IH in 50' and 60' working widths feature a parallel-link row unit with patent-pending variable down-pressure springs. The Precision Disk 500T, Case IH’s first air drill with on-board bulk seed, comes in 25', 30' and 40' working widths.

Outfitted with individual seed hoppers, the Great Plains YP-1625AHL features 750 gal.-liquid or 100 bu. dry fertilizer capacities.

Horsch’s Maestro corn planter features a 24-row 30" spacing configuration with a 140-bu. seed tank and a 1,000-gal. fertilizer tank. Farmers can increase average speed by 20% to 40% using the Maestro.

Kinze unveiled the new 4900 Series planter, 4000 Series row unit and 4000 Series vacuum seed meter with optional electric drive. The planter is available in 30" row spacing with a choice of 12, 16 or 24 rows featuring a new planter frame with 42° of wing flex, a raceway for wiring and hose routing, and a raised toolbar.

The modified 5000 Series grain drills from Landoll feature an externally fluted seed meter and twice the number of flutes on each metering wheel. The drills are available in 10' rigid through 40' folding models with pneumatic springs apply­ing 120 lb. to 400 lb. of down pressure on 15.8"-diameter opener blades.

New Holland introduced the P2000 Series disk drills, which includes two models, for seeding small grains. The P2080 has a tow-between or tow-behind air cart, working widths up to 60' and the patented New Holland parallel-link row unit. The P2085 features a mounted seed tank and working widths up to 40'.

Through the field. To roll self-propelled applicators forward, manufacturers added options for large and mid-sized farms while increasing cab comfort and liquid solution capacity.

AGCO’s RG700 RoGator self-propelled sprayer features a 700-gal. capa­city and a Tier 4 Interim-compliant engine with 165 hp. The sprayer is available with narrow and standard axle configurations, folded booms beneath sightlines for height­ened visibility and a six-post cab. The TerraGator TG9300B is the largest model in AGCO’s three-wheel fleet and features a new hydraulic system as well as a Tier 4 Final-compliant, 425-hp AGCO Power engine.

Case IH’s Patriot 3240 and 3340 sprayers are Tier 4 Final-compliant with 250 hp and 285 hp, respectively. They offer heightened individual nozzle control through the Aim Command Pro spray system. The Class 2 Patriot 2240 sprayer is powered by a Tier 4 Interim-compliant, 165-hp, 6.7-liter Case IH FPT engine with SCR.

At the core of the 2014 Apache sprayers lineup from Equipment Technologies (ET) is a redesigned cab with ET Pilot System and controls that resemble those found in pickups. The ET Pilot System offers a 7" color touchscreen with preinstalled apps that provide readouts on engine diagnostics, transmission, fuel economy, slope and torque output.

The 2014 STS self-propelled sprayer lineup from Hagie Manufacturing Company features a drive system that’s designed for optimal torque management and traction control. The cab has 25 cu.-ft. more than the previous version and is the first in the industry with a deceleration pedal, droplet-size monitor and infinitely pro­grammable drive system measuring field efficiency.

Hardi North America entered the self-propelled sprayer market. The Presidio 2700 features a 700-gal. tank and is the lightest sprayer in its class with an empty weight of 16,225 lb. The Saritor line features two models—the 4000 with a 1,100-gal. tank and the 5000 with a 1,300-gal. tank.

John Deere’s new-from-the-ground-up 4 Series self-propelled sprayers include the 800-gal. R4030 and 1,000-gal. R4038 models. Both sprayers can be outfitted with 120' booms and a 200-cu.-ft. New Leader dry spinner box, come Direct Injection Ready, and have CommandView II cabs and inte­grated GreenStar 3 2630 displays.

SprayView and optional Premium SprayView cabs top the list of new features on Miller’s seven-model Nitro 5000 Series sprayers and two-model Condor GC Series sprayers. Both cabs boast more room, CAN bus wiring, 12-volt power points, easy-to-reach armrest and joystick controls and the Miller Systems Monitor to manage the chassis operations.

The Guardian self-propelled sprayer line from New Holland has been expanded to include the SP333F, a front-boom model with 333 hp. The model can be configured with a 1,200-, 1,400-, or 1,600-gal. tank and boom widths of 90', 100' or 120'. The machine features 6' of ground clearance.

Gathering the crop. Multiple combine families expanded this year with higher horsepower capacity and options, such as tracks. Attached to the front of the harvest muscle, headers and platforms have added technology as well as capacity of their own.

Calmer Corn Heads introduced the world’s first 12", 30-row corn head. It features two stalk rolls and a single gathering chain with one big paddle.

Case IH’s 4400 and 4200 corn heads feature heavy-duty drives, larger stalk rolls and longer stalk roll knives. The corn heads are also available with folding options. The 3152 and 3162 draper heads feature the CentraCut center-mounted knife drive for increased cutterbar performance.

Celebrating its 100th anniversary, Claas introduced a second Class 10 combine to its lineup. The Lexion 780 boasts 543 hp with a bulge capacity up to 590 hp and the new Claas Dynamic Cooling system. The company’s 2014 lineup comprises seven models, five of which have the Terra Trac option.

From Dragotec USA, the Drago Series II corn head features a knife-to-knife design that pulls stalks down to the auger at the slowest speeds in the industry to reduce ear bounce.

The S8 Super Series of combines from AGCO brand Gleaner includes three models. The S88 is the industry’s first Class 8 combine with a transverse rotor design. Its seven-cylinder, 9.8-liter AGCO Power engine is rated at 430 hp with twin turbochargers. The Super Series also features polyurethane accel­erator rolls and a new two-speed residue chopper.

John Deere’s S-Series combine lineup expanded with new options. The front axle of the four largest combines can be outfitted with 36" tracks. An automated Interactive Combine Adjustment system is standard to adjust combine settings on the go. The series has been expanded to include a Class 5 machine, the S650, and can be matched with a six-row corn head.

New Holland’s CR Twin Rotor  combines have been improved with up to 15% additional capacity. The CR8090 and CR9090 models feature an enlarged 410-bu. grain tank. New Holland introduced its latest CX8000 Elevation Super Conventional combines featuring up to 490 hp. The 980 Series corn heads from New Holland are available in rigid and folding configurations. For stover collection, the Cornrower chopping corn head attachment is available.

Hay and forage helpers. Manufacturers added fast windrowers and high-capa­city square balers for commercial operations and extended small-square and round baler lineups.

The 2200 Series large-square balers from AGCO brand Hesston by Massey Ferguson comprise several models, inclu­ding the MF2290 producing bales up to 4'x4' for commercial operations. The MF1844 Series small-square balers are PTO-driven and produce bales between 36" and 48" in length. The two-twine, in-line MF1840 small-square baler offers a 60% twine capacity increase and creates 14"x18" bales. The 2900 Series round balers are available in two models—the MF2946 producing a 4'x6' bale and the MF2956 producing a 5'x6' bale.

The Case IH RB565 round baler provides 20% more capacity compared with previous models and includes a roller wind guard and five-bar pickup for fast, even feeding. The WD3 II Series self-propelled windrowers from Case IH feature a factory-installed auto-guidance system and 24-mph road speeds. The DH3 Series draper headers feature a 40' model with a Dual Circuit Hydraulic System that enables consistent flow and power across the header.

John Deere’s W235 windrowers feature two configurations—a rotary and a draper. The W235 is the first John Deere windrower with integrated Auto­Trac. The machine features a 6.8-liter Tier 4 Final-compliant engine rated at 235 hp, representing a 17.5% increase compared with the previous model. The 994 and 995 heads are paired with the rotary configuration, while the 600D head is paired with the draper configuration.

The new BiG Pack 1290 HDP II large-square baler from Krone produces 3'x4'x8' bales, surpassing the manufacturer’s previous 1290 HDP model with 100% more capacity. Meanwhile, the BiG Pack Variable Fill System on the new Krone BiG Pack HighSpeed large-square balers now has five tine bars instead of the six found on earlier models, creating more space for crop and resulting in an 18% increase in throughput capacity. Krone’s new five-model Comprima round balers include the NovoGrip press system, which features the NovoGrip belt that is composed of layers of rubber and fabric.

The New Holland Roll-Belt 560 5'x6' round baler aims to boost bale capa­city by 20% with its 82" five-bar Active­Sweep pickup option. The 130, 200 and 240 Speedrower self-propelled windrowers offer integrated Intelli­Steer auto-guidance, cutting accuracies from 1" to 8" and a three-range hydrostatic transmission option that provides road speeds up to 24 mph. DuraSwath draper headers are available in four working widths: 25', 30', 35' and 40'.

Tillage tune-up. From heavy, deep tillage to busting apart dirt clods for smooth seedbeds, tillage machines are available for a variety of soil density and residue management challenges.

Case IH’s Ecolo-Tiger 875 disk ripper includes four models ranging from 14' to 26' working widths with Earth Metal blades that are 30% stronger and last up to 20% longer than conventional blades operating in the same conditions. Features include endless gussets and single-point depth control.

Three of Unverferth’s Perfecta Field Cultivators (models 10, 12 and 14) are built with specially designed s-tine shanks and shovels. Model 10 includes standard s-tines and 23⁄4" goosefoot shovels. Model 12 includes heavy-duty s-tines and 7" sweeps. Model 14 is built with heavy-duty edge-bent s-tines and 7" sweeps.

J&M introduced its Torsion-Flex soil conditioners featuring Double Twist baskets with a 2-to-1 slat design for smoother ground rolling. The baskets boast 3/8"-thick high grade steel teeth. Optional wing wheels use phasing cylinders, allowing the unit to lift and lower simultaneously.

John Deere introduced the 2720 Disk Ripper, a heavy-duty, primary tillage tool with Laser Rip II points in a variety of sizes that shatter the hardpan 8" to 15" deep. It features 11" blade spacing and 24" blades. The indus­try-exclusive active hydraulic rolling basket option helps break apart clods and root balls.

With its new disk harrow models, Kuhn Krause is building its 8210 and 8310 models with heavier walking beams, wheel rockers, hubs and spindles. There are two new five-section 41' and 44' Quad-Fold sizes in the 8210 model featuring a transport width of 17' 7" and a transport height of 13' 10".

McFarlane introduces the 4100 Series Reel Disk, a vertical tillage seedbed conditioner available in eight sizes ranging from 12' to 45' working widths with 20" ultra-shallow concave blades and a level-lift hitch.

Expanding its strip-tillage lineup into large-frame drawn configurations, Orthman Manufacturing Inc. introduced the 1tRIPr XD series in 6- to 18-row configurations with a choice of 6- or 9-ton dry fertilizer packages and 1,000-gal. liquid fertilizer capacity.

The Narrow-Transport Diamond Disks from Summers Manufacturing are available with 28.5' cutting widths. Built on the Diamond Disk design, the DT9530 tillage tool from Summers Manufacturing can be turned with the disk still in the ground. Summers Manufacturing expanded its lineup of chisel plows with 16' and 20' sizes, as well as 40' HD and 42' HD Superchisels.

Fertilizer toolbar families grow. More clearance and configurations are not­able in the new fertilizer applicators.

Farm King introduced its line of high-clearance side­dress/liquid fertilizer applicators with a 60' swath and a toolbar that provides 36" crop clearance. Two models are available in 1,800-gal. and 2,400-gal. capacities.

John Deere’s 2510L liquid fertili­zer applicators include two configurations—vertical or side-fold. The toolbars are available in 30', 40' or 60' widths, each with 18 spacing and row configuration options. 

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