How Donald Trump Won the Presidency

November 9, 2016 02:00 PM

Tuesday night, Donald Trump won the presidency with 279 votes to Hillary Clinton’s 228.

With remarks against John McCain, R-Az., lewd comments he made in the past, no political experience, and a plethora of other instances, to some, it didn’t look like the candidate had a chance.

On AgriTalk Wednesday, Jim Wiesmeyer of Informa Economics told host Mike Adams how a lot could change with a Trump at the helm of the U.S.

He predicts food stamp reform, a more balanced farm bill, the end of WOTUS and how this election should send a “resounding message” to Clinton and President Obama.

Listen to Wiesmeyer explain how Trump won the election with pollsters predicting wrong and how Paul Ryan’s fate as Speaker of the House rests in his own hands on AgriTalk above.

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G man
Sioux Falls, SD
11/10/2016 09:14 AM

  Trump, according to his remarks, won by deception, and tapping into the psychological dark side of the human mind. Christian values, claimed by conservatives, went out the door. The way he talked during the campaign caused many to sell their souls and to compromise their very weak Christian claims. What mostly stayed in my mind is how he publicly mocked a disabled person, how he promoted violence at his rallies (e.g. "Punch him in the face"), among other deplorable actions and statements. No matter what his economic policies may be, I can not support his childish, unacceptable behavior. All those who supported him also support his un-Christian like behavior. In this election the worse of the two evils was chosen. All the money in the world is not worth condoning values of this low caliber. Say what you will, I stand by conviction and my comment.