How to Make a Tractor Diaper Cake

12:23PM Oct 04, 2012
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Materials Needed:

1 Supplies

About 100 diapers (used Size 1 for this project)
Pack of 4 Receiving blankets
Munchkin dish washer basket
Stuffed animal
Ribbon and rick rack
Cotton balls or pom poms
Yellow marker
Large rubberbands
Two paper towel tubes
Scotch tape
Straight pins
Hot glue and hot glue gun
Two sizes of cooking pots
Clean kitchen towels (only used in the process, not the final product)
1)      Gather all supplies
2)      Depending on the size of your pot, put folded kitchen towels on the bottom to ensure 1” of the diaper wheel will be above the rim of the pot.
2 Wheel
3)      With the largest pot for the two larger tires, lay the diapers on their side, and position the diapers inside the pot in a spiral pattern.  Keep packing in diapers until it is tight. Space the diapers about an 1” between its neighbor to get them uniform and leave a hole in the middle.
4 Wheel
4)      Insert the paper towel tube and then secure everything with a rubberband on the outside.
5 Wheel rubber band and tube
5)      Remove from pot, and repeat step 3 for the second larger tire.
6 Wheel out of pot
6)      And then connect the two diaper tires with the paper towel tube.
7)      With the smaller pot, repeat steps 2 and 3, twice, for two smaller tires.
7 Small wheel same as large
8 All wheels on tubes
8)      Wrap the Munchkin dish washer basket with one of the receiving blankets. Secure with straight pins.
9 Wrapping dishwashing basket
9)      Make headlights using yellow pom poms or cotton balls colored with a marker. Gently push inbetween the receiving blanket and basket so they are secure.
10 Lights
10)   Make small roll with a square of felt and secure with hot glue—this will be your exhaust pipe. You can put a cotton ball at the top to look like smoke. Secure to the tractor body with straight pins.
11 Wrapping exhaust pipe
11)   Wrap the wheels with ribbon, rick rack, or any other decorations.
12 Wrap wheels with ribbon
12)   Wrap the back axle with the remaining receiving blankets.
13 Recieving extra blankets on back axel
13)   You’ll do final assembly of the diaper cake at your event, but for now, arrange the wheels and the body of the “tractor” to ensure everything it all fits together.
14 Dishwashing basket on front axel
14)   For the tractor seat, cut the felt into an arched shape, tape to an extra diaper, and then wrap with ribbon—hot glue to secure.
15 Seat with one diaper felt cutout and ribbon
15)   Once you are at the party, assemble all the parts, place the tractor seat on the back axle with the stuffed animal on top to secure it down. Place the pacifier in front of the stuffed animal for its “steering wheel”
16 Final 1
19 Final 4 close up of front