Hurricane Sandy Takes Minimal Toll on Maryland Farm

10:54AM Oct 31, 2012
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Susan Leaverton reports that Hurricane Sandy did no significant damage to her family’s Maryland farm operation.

"I am happy to say we fared pretty well through the storm," Leaverton says. "I don’t have an official measure of rainfall, but there was plenty of rain. We have a few downed trees and branches, but all in all nothing significant. We are counting our blessings, as it could have been so much worse.

"As far as our operation is concerned, we have been harvesting steadily through the fall and as of Sunday morning had only 15 acres of beans remaining in the field. The wet, saturated ground will be a challenge for those who have crops left to harvest, and many wheat fields that were just planted have large pools of standing water.

"I have heard of a few fields of standing corn being flattened by the wind, but by and large the corn harvest is complete in this area so those should be few. Soybean harvest will continue as soon as things dry out. Unfortunately, tracks left in the soft ground will be problematic for planting in the spring."

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