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June 5, 2011 09:03 PM


  • 6/6 - Henry, Ill.: Had a crop off to the best start in 35 years of farming. Looked to hit a home run , all changed in matter of hours. 8 to 10 inches of rain, 15% corn gone nitrogen loss on remainder. Our problems seem small after seeing sadness in Missouri. 


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  • 6/3 - Livingston/LaSalle counties, Illinois: Most of the wheat is all headed out.  Some has been headed for a week or so.  The hopes of getting the wheat combined early (Late June) have subsided because of the cooler, wetter spring. Most growers are still somewhat optimistic to get the wheat combined, straw baled and double crop beans planted timely.  Looks like that could be early July.  Hoping it doesn't go later than the 7th to 10th. And moisture will be a concern.  As we all know, at the end of the year, it usually averages out. With that in mind, it is gonna be a hot, dry July and August!  Had 5 inches of rain last Wed and Thursday, and another 1/2 inch on Sunday.  Most growers are done with corn, and have only a day or two to finish soybeans.  But you don't have to go very far and corn planting progress is much delayed. Finally mowed first cutting hay today.  Been so wet and cool, it didn't make sense to mow. Forecast cleared up for a couple days so it was time to cut. Not may flowers, but the second cutting is starting to emerge from the crowns. Wish there was a way to improve this distribution system, because we sure would share some of this moisture with those who have missed it! Be Safe!!!

  • 5/30 - Central Illinois: Well, here is the video for Spring 2011! We had a lot of fun making this video this year. 2011 planting season started early. We planted our first field of corn the first week of April. Then, we got rained out for a week. We planted another field; then, we got rained out again. We had a good run at the end of April/beginning of May, but it started raining again. Our relatives from Warrensburg, IL came up the third week of May to help us get a big jump on the planting before the next rain event hit. We had such a nice time while they were up here, and we took a lot of pictures and video while they were up here. Thank you so much to Greg, Norman and Nathan! Video courtesy of Wentworth Family Farms.

  • 5/30 - Mt. Pulaski, Ill.: Got done planting corn on May 20th. Planted most of my beans, had about 2 hours worth to get done and it started raining and just stopped last night, 3 inches so it'll be a few days before we will be able to finish.    

  • 5/27 - McDonough County, Ill.: Had 30" rain during 2010 growing season. Thought maybe with nice start this year would be better. However, 3.6" last 3 days makes bad memories return! Will be replanting corn in river bottoms and probably some up land ponds. Still have beans to plant but most in area finished. A lot of early planted corn replanted due to cold.

  • 5/25 - Montgomery, Ill.: 176 acres: Wet but all corn planted; all beans waiting for dry weather.

  • 5/25 - Washington County, Ill.: 15% planted, still wet.
  • 5/25 - Clark, Ill.: Southeast central Illinois is still wet. We are having to pick and choose which fields to go to corn planting 50% bean planting 15%.
  • 5/23 - Mt. Pulaski, Ill.: Farm Journal Conservation and Machinery Editor Darrell Smith-- May 20 found Jeff Martin and son Doug, of Mt. Pulaski, Ill., finishing soybean planting (except for some experimental plots) and completing their sidedressing of corn. (About 25% of their corn gets sidedress nitrogen.) Despite being rained out for two weeks in April, it was a good planting season, Jeff says. “Soil conditions were good for both early (before the rain set in) and later plantings,” he explains. “Corn we planted last week came up in six days. That’s the kind of conditions you like to see.”
    5 23 11 IL 2
    5 23 11 IL

    -- Mt. Pulaski, Ill.

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  • 5/19 - Logan and Menard counties, Illinois: Bill is showing an area of the field that was replanted because of too much rain. Video courtesy of

  • 5/19 - Livingston/LaSalle counties, Illinois: Last week was a very productive week for corn planting, and had temps in the 80's, so the wheat finally grew very well. Have had plenty of moisture. Field work started full speed on May 7th and had a good 7 day run until 1-3" rains slowed things on Friday the 13th. This week's temps have fallen into the high 30's overnight. Cold and wet is not a good scenario for newly planted corn, or wheat growth. Most of the wheat is at or approaching "flag leaf" stage. Some fields are uneven because of too much water early, but appear to be evening out as the heat units accumulate. Contemplating  applying fungicide later this week. Most growers are done with corn or have a minimal amount yet to plant.  Alfalfa is almost ready. Some growers were going to mow this week which didn't make sense to me to lay hay down on wet ground and have highs in the 60's. Not the best hay drying conditions.  Hoping to get back into the field on Thursday or Friday to finish corn planting, and maybe start on soybeans. Some may return on Wednesday for some spraying! Corn that was planted on the 7th has emerged in 6 days! (Read more wheat-related comments at AgWeb's
  • 5/18 - North central Illinois: When filling up the airseeder I was lucky enough to catch a short video of the 9520 going to another field. Video courtesy of

  • 5/17 - St. Clair/Madison counties, southwest Illinois: Compared to last year we are way behind.  In general corn planting in our immediate area is in the 10% range.  A few are further along, some have none in the ground.  It is getting to the point that the crop needs to go in the ground in the next 2 weeks.  Ground that had preemergent chemicals applied to keep the winter annual growth away and tiled ground has paid huge dividends. 

    I have heard of one field of beans planted, but nothing widespread. 

    Wheat started to look rough last week, but now the cooler dryer weather should help.  But we still don't have a great wheat crop in the makings.  Even with a perfect finish I can't imagine wheat being much better than average.  Any extended heat and/or wet will cut yields quickly. 

  • 5/12 - Mansfield, Ill.: “Planting progress is accelerating fast,” says Joe Plunk of Plunk Brothers Farms, Mansfield, Ill. “We’re 65% finished with corn, and plan to start planting soybeans tomorrow.”
    5 12 11 IL

    -- Mansfield, Ill.

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  • 5/12 - Warrensburg, Ill.: Farm Journal Seed and Production Editor Pam Smith -- I found Rich Lehn, Warrensburg, Illinois, out planting corn today. He's planning on transitioning right into soybeans as soon as the last kernel is planted. May 5 is his favorite day to start soybean planting. He'll miss it by a few days this spring, but he's not worried about the spring running too late yet.  Rotary hoes have made a reappearance on the landscape too as farmers try to give early planted corn a hand through crusted soils.
    5 12 11 IL corn

    -- Warrensburg, Ill.

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  • 5/11 - Farmer City, Ill.: Farm Journal Conservation and Machinery Editor Darrell Smith -- Tuesday, May 10, marked the second full day of planting for Stewart Farms, on the family’s land near Farmer City, Ill. “Yesterday, the soil was a little tacky on top, but it’s really working well today,” says Craig Stewart, who farms with his sons Bob and Brad. By the end of their second long day of planting, Craig expected to be about one-third finished with corn on the family’s Farmer City operation.
    5 11 11 IL

    -- Farmer City, Ill.

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  • 5/11 - Cass/Menard/Mason counties, Illinois: We finished planting corn on 5/7/11 and have moved on to beans. May have some small areas of replant where cold weather and wet soil has caused problems. Have spoken with other local farmers who also have some corn replant due to bad weather on corn planted in early April. Ground is drying out well now with rain in the forecast. Bean planting has started out well and hope it continues to be.

  • 5/11 - Jasper, Ill.: Wet, Wet, Wet. Forecast is for more rain.

  • 5/10 - Mercer County, northwest Illinois: Finished corn today. We planted 1800 acres of corn in just 7 days, and two days were filled with delays and breakdowns. It amazing what today’s large equipment can do. Starting on seed beans tomorrow.

  • 5/9 - Leroy, Ill.: Farm Journal Conservation and Machinery Editor Darrell Smith -- Storm clouds rolled by to the north and south, but no rain fell to halt the planters on McLaughlin-Dooley Farms, northeast of Leroy, Ill., on Saturday afternoon, May 7. While Mike McLaughlin ran the farm’s 24-row planter, Farm Journal Staff Agronomist Ken Ferrie planted a field-scale study involvi ng starter fertilizer in an adjacent field.
    5 9 11 IL
    5 9 11 IL 2

    -- Leroy, Ill.

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  • 5/5 - Logan and Menard counties, Illinois: Bill takes a look at the first planted corn emerging during a wet, cold spring. Video courtesy of

  • 5/5 - Sangamon County, Ill.: Farm Journal Machinery Editor Margy Fischer -- Lots of machinery in the field.
    5 5 11 IL

    -- Sangamon County, Ill.

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  • 5/3 - Richland County, Ill.: 11" to 12" rain for Apr., 1.94" this month, as of noon on May 2nd. Wheat has started to head. None to little field work done.


  • 4/28 - Fayette, Ill.: Wet. Corn was planted April 7.


  • 4/27 - Champaign, Ill.: Farm Journal Conservation and Machinery Editor Darrell Smith -- Here are some shots of water standing on fields north of Champaign, Ill. The gauge at my house in Champaign showed about 3” of rain between Tuesday evening and Wednesday afternoon.
    IL Water in Field
    IL Water in Field 2
    IL Water in Field 3
    IL Water in Field 4
    IL Water in Field 5
    IL Water in Field 6

    -- North of Champaign, Ill.

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  • 4/27 - Coles County, Ill.: 4 3/4 inches and counting in the last couple weeks. Some corn up and some under water, for the third time since it was planted. More heavy rain forecasted for tonight so it may be awhile before any field work in this area. I dug up some corn I planted last. I dug up two seeds , one rotten, one just sprouting a root after ten days in the ground. the ground is soggy.
  • 4/25 - East Central Illinois: Nearly 3 inches the last two days, very field done, everyone just waiting for the fields to dry w/warmer weather.
  • 4/21 - Coles County, Ill.: 30 degrees this morning in the land of lakes in our fields. 2.5 inches the last couple storms on already wet ground and much more in the 10 day forecast . some corn planted and some corn was just poking through the top of the ground. April seems more like March. I would love to share some of this rain with Texas.
  • 4/18 - Stephenson, Ill.: Another wet looking week ahead. A lot of guys are talking about starting to plant corn this week if we don’t get the rain their forecasting. Ground temp is around 45 48 degrees. 70% of the anhydrous is applied here.
  • 4/15 - Central Illinois: Farm Journal Seed and Production Editor Pam Smith -- Soil temperatures are still a little cool in central Illinois. There's been a lot of tillage, but some farmers are waiting to plant until it warms up a bit.


  • 4/14 - Putnam, Ill.: We have all our first pass tillage completed. We are waiting for some warmer temps to spray and second pass and plant - the soil temps are not in the 50's yet. The fields are in good shape and we are off to a good start.

  • 4/12 - Livingston/LaSalle counties, Ill.: Did stand counts on March 28th. Most counts were 25-33 plants per foot. Applied N on March 29th!  Have gotten some warmer temps since then, along with some warm rains. Wheat is progressing. Had a couple 80 degree days over this weekend. More rain predicted for the coming week. Have had enough dry weather to get in to apply NH3 on most of my corn acres. With the N applied, plenty of moisture and some heat, I expect the wheat to progress rapidly! (Read more wheat-related comments at AgWeb's
  • 4/12 - Iroquois, Ill.: Planters started last Friday. The soil is very mellow and soil temperatures got up to 56 degrees for the first time Sat. Today it's 60 even up to northern Illinois. Last night rain .5 to 1.2 inches, lots of wind. We need a good growing season. Last year corn in our county got down to 144 bu. the first time since 2006 that the yield was below 180. With all the big planters around we sure don't need to rush out if conditions are marginal. By the way, us old NW Germans are planting our 137th crop in this old swampy soil.

  • 4/12 - North central Illinois: Field cultivating at midnight with a 9520 with Trimble Autopilot and a 50 foot field cultivator. Video courtesy of Delhotal Farms.


  • 4/11- Coles County, Ill.: I tried to stay out of the fields but I couldn't stand it no more. Friday I planted 40 acres ahead of what was suppose to be a warm and dry weekend (slight chance of scattered showers) well it rained 1.6" the next morning. plus heavy rain Monday morning. Now it is time to sweat it out. You would think I would have learned my lesson in the past.

  • 4/7- St Clair County, Ill.: Very limited activity in this area.  We get close and then it rains or snows.  Today we are about a day or two from being able to go, but 3 days with rain forecast don’t get one too excited.  No one panicking yet, but after the last couple years of early planting many are anxious and ready to go.  Most wheat is in the southern 2/3rds of the county and has gone from poor to decent in a matter of weeks.  It’s obvious that more of the plants germinated last fall than initially thought.  Stands are somewhat erratic, but I don’t think much will be destroyed, if any.  I think most guys got their N on last week in spite of wet field conditions. (Read more wheat-related comments at AgWeb's
  • 4/5 - Iroquois County, Ill.: Wheat is but needs warmer temps, and water not much rain here this spring. I have seen my creek so low on april 4th and tile just dripping. Dry dirt in new tile ditches being dug. (Read more wheat-related comments at AgWeb's

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