In Nebraska, Beans with Potential and Good, but Not Great, Corn

August 22, 2017 06:38 PM

Veteran crop tour scouts Kurt Line and Jarod Creed saw plenty of potential for soybeans along their routes in Nebraska, if Mother Nature will cooperate.

“Bean pod counts are significantly improving right here and now because of this recent moisture,” Creed observed. But he said late development could increase worries of an early frost.

While Line said pod counts on his route were probably off a bit from last year he noted, “It’s a healthy bean crop and it should finish well. We saw almost no bean disease, but (there were) struggles with weed pressure, of course.”

When it comes to corn, both scouts pointed to lost potential with Creed noting he was caught off guard by population counts. “It seems like maybe the trend of population increase year after year is starting to slow,” he said.

Both agreed dryland corn yields were off from last year and the three-year trend on their routes, but irrigated acres were better than last year.

Watch the video above to see the scouts’ full comments from day 2 of the western leg of the Farm Journal Midwest Crop Tour.

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