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Industry Briefs (2008 Bonus)

14:39PM Jul 14, 2008


CNH International tractors are headed to Iraq after the company completed a deal that restarts tractor assembly operations at an agricultural machinery manufacturing facility in Iskandiriyah, Iraq. The manufacturer, the State Company for Mechanical Industries, is part of a partnership to revitalize industry in the country. In the deal, the U.S. Department of Defense's Task Force to Improve Business and Stability Operations in Iraq recently bought 200 New Holland semi-knockdown tractor kits paired with training on the equipment.

Strong global demand for high-horsepower tractors is prompting Deere and Company to invest an additional $90 million in its Waterloo, Iowa, facilities to expand manufacturing. The tractors built in Waterloo are exported to more than 130 countries, and increased worldwide sales is driving the expansion. Most of the improvements will be finished by 2010, and although the company is not adding floor space, the investments will increase capacity by 25%. This is an additional commitment above the multi-year $140 million that is already devoted to modernize the Waterloo facilities.

In order to focus on emerging international tillage equipment markets, Krause Corporation has divested its K-Pac division to Stellar Inc. The acquisition includes the full K-Pac lineup of solid waste handling equipment, which includes tarpers, cable roll-offs, hooklifts, container handlers and compaction products. The previous K-Pac manufacturing capacity is now completely devoted to tillage equipment production.

The merger of Kuhn Farm Machinery Inc. and Kuhn Knight Inc. creates Kuhn North America. This business structure prompts no changes to the two brands of product lines, Kuhn and Kuhn Knight. The merger is the conclusion of the five-year business plan for Kuhn Knight Inc., following the purchase of the company by the Kuhn Group in December 2002.

In 2008, Mahindra USA became a partner with the MacDonald Motorsports race team. The No. 81 car driven by D.J. Kennington featured the Mahindra logo on the hood and side panel at two NASCAR races this past spring. MacDonald Motorsports also has the use of a Mahindra tractor and loader during the agreement.

McCormick International and its parent company, ARGO S.p.A., have contracted to supply 2,000 McCormick XTX Series tractors to Kamaz Inc., which is a Russian vehicle group. The XTX tractors will be sold under the Kamaz brand to farmers in that country. The tractors destined for delivery to Russia were built at the McCormick factory in Doncaster, England, before production was moved to McCormick's facility in Fabbrico, Italy.