IntelinAir Introduces 8 New Features in 2020

04:38PM Dec 12, 2019
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For the 2020 season, IntelinAir is introducing AgMRI 3.0 with eight new features and enhancements.

As an aerial imagery analytics company, the company’s AgMRI system is informed by 13 in-season high resolution images as well as layers including: weather, soil data, as-applied maps and more. Its machine learning is applied to identify performance issues and alert users to areas and fields that need to be addressed. 

Here’s an overview of the eight new features: 

  1. Ask SIRI Capability. Through voice commands, growers can get answers and access to alerts and top trends.
  2. Full Season Playback. This aims to provide a full understanding of season-long field trends through time-lapse image capability. 
  3. My Planting Score. This feature gives growers a comparison of their planting success with trends across their state or county.
  4. Enhanced Emergence Mapping. This tool alerts growers and crop advisers to reduced crop emergence. The color-coded areas of concern can help with more timely replant decisions. 
  5. Compare View. This feature allows for side-by-side comparisons of field images gathered through the season. Click here to learn more about Compare View.
  6. Partner Collaborate. The platform can be used by growers, agronomists, crop consultants and other partners to collaborate on the date, remote images and agronomic decisions. 
  7. Water Optimization. Designed for use with irrigated fields, this feature gives a new view on water usage. 
  8. Crop Drydown Mapping. The platform aims to track crop maturity in real time for efficient harvest planning. 

“The new AgMRI 3.0 updates, combined with the highest resolution imagery in the industry, make our crop intelligence platform the leading grower-centric tool on the market,” Josh Thornsbrough, IntelinAir vice-president, sales and marketing said in the product announcement.