Iowa Farmers Assess Damage from Rare Windstorm

10:54AM Aug 14, 2020
Derecho Damage at Kelly Sheets Farm
( Kelly Sheets )

By Clinton Griffiths

Farmers across much of Iowa are dealing with the heartbreaking aftermath of a rare derecho windstorm that turned what was looking like a record corn crop into potentially deep losses. 

The storm slammed the Midwest with straight line winds of up to 100 miles per hour on Monday. Iowa farmers are reporting flattened corn and busted bins. Unfortunately, many of those bins were still filled with last year’s harvest. 

Iowa pig farmer Kelly Sheets shared his story with Farm Journal’s PORK after the storm. Sheets operates Vegas Show Pigs, a small, 50-sow purebred operation in Zearing, Iowa. 

The building suffering the most damage was their 40- x 60-foot Morton building that housed the generator and the tractor that ran the generator, the hog cart, the manure spreader and even their camper. 

“You can't see it from here, but you can see it's kind of sitting like it's propped up. [The storm] actually lifted that up out of the ground and moved it to the east about 3 feet and then set it back down. And when it did it, I think it just collapsed,” Sheets explained on camera. 

Fortunately, the building holding the sows suffered only minimal damage, and he didn't lose any livestock.

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