Is Corn the New Cover Crop?

November 8, 2016 12:55 PM

Corn may become a new cover crop for farmers in Illinois after seeing warm temperatures, the right amount of rain, and remaining soil nutrients.

“Knee high by the 4th of November just doesn’t have the ring to it,” said Chip Flory of Market Rally.

Listen to Flory, AgriTak host Mike Adams, and John Phipps discuss why some farmers are already applying nitrogen to their fields on AgriTalk above. 

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Yanking my Chain
Trump Country, IA
11/8/2016 06:27 PM

  I am in the retailer business and it looks to me some producers don't know how to set combines very well. I am talking about brand new or 1-2 year old machines. No need to see that much corn or soybean. Guys with less acres or older machines are doing a better job. I have seen fields in my area that looks like 5-6 bu per acre behind the combine. You know 2 kernels per square foot = 87,120 kernels or 1 bushel or so @$3.00 corn profit left in the field. Bigger producers getting across the acres going to fast or combining wetter corn so they can be the first in the coffee shop saying they are done with harvest. I know you can not get every kernel but it looks bad, but with the technology in these $350-$500,000 combines I would think they could do a better job. The manufactures set these combines to a 'T' for demonstrations like the Farm Progress Show. When I been there everybody is looking behind the combine to see how much is being thrown out the back end. Don't be afraid to ask your dealer or combine techician for assistance. Then battle with me on input costs or where to cut. Give me a break!