Is This THE Opportunity to Market Grain For The Year?

01:01PM Mar 02, 2018
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For Mark Gold, founder of Top Third Ag Marketing, his phones have been ringing off the hook for the last few weeks with the excitement in the grain markets. With all the hubbub, Gold has noticed farmer sentiment improve off the news of drought problems in Argentina.

“It’s been a good six weeks for the American farmer,” he told AgDay host Clinton Griffiths.

Some farmers might be asking what’s next, and if this could be the last and best opportunity they will see in 2018. Gold thinks this is a great time to sell new crop corn and soybeans.

“I’ve always said you get at least one good opportunity every year to market grain at good prices,” he said. “You don’t want to let this slip away.”

Hear his thoughts on what the acreage story could be in 2018 and why no matter what the acres will be, U.S. farmers will see lower prices on AgDay above.

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