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Jerry Gulke Says Markets Should Trust Farmers More

20:32PM Sep 22, 2014

Jerry Gulke wishes the commodity market would have a little more faith in farmers and their ability to make economically driven planting decisions.

"Everybody has an underlying belief—unless you are a farmer—that these guys … get on a corn planter and they are going to plant until they run out of seed," said Gulke, president of The Gulke Group in Chicago and a farmer himself. "It’s kinda insulting when I hear it at the Board of Trade, but that’s how they feel."

Listen to Gulke's full analysis here:

As for Gulke, he feels that farmers planted far fewer corn acres this year than they intended last spring, and he’s just waiting for the government to agree that yes, acreage is down, and yes, that figure matters when it comes to corn prices.

"Right now, the market doesn’t believe us," Gulke told Farm Journal Radio on Friday. "It’s saying, ‘I don’t care what you say—right now the yields are so big and so good that the yields are going to overshadow any reduction’" in acreage.

He’s skeptical of their stubbornness. "People who are making [these] price discoveries are people who have never been in a corn planter or raised an acre of corn," Gulke said. "They have their opinion and we have ours."