John Deere Adds 2,000 Gal. Liquid System to F4365 Applicator

02:29PM Aug 23, 2019
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Aiming to offer the broadest offering of application equipment on the market, John Deere introduces the LS475—a liquid system option for the F4365 high-capacity nutrient applicator, which was introduced in 2016.

The LS475 system features: 

  • 2000 gal. solution tank
  • 200 rinse tank
  • 90’ boom
  • Fill system capable of 300 gal per minute
  • Pump delivers up to 400 gal per minute
  • 100 gal/acre at 20 mph capability
  • AutoTrac up to 25 mph while applying

“The LS475 has been designed to work seamlessly with the F4365 chassis,” says Newt Lingenfelter with John Deere. “It has been built from the ground up to meet the needs of progressive ag service providers.”

Product specialists say all of the improved efficiencies on the machine configuration add up to 25% to 30% more acres per day. 

The seven section boom has dual plumbing with high flow nozzles and flood nozzles so one machine has the combination to switch from applying nitrogen and pre-emerge/burndown herbicides. 

The liquid system was designed by John Deere and Hagie teams and the tank carries both brands. 

Learn more in this video from John Deere: