John Deere Unveils Broad 2016 Lineup

05:00PM Aug 28, 2015
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With a broad lineup of row crop and hay and forage equipment, John Deere releases several products for model year 2016. Travis Becton, Director of Marketing for U.S./Canada, sums up the release in one word: innovation. 

“We are driving performance in products to help customers boost yields, increase productivity and cut costs," Becton says. "This is an exciting time in agriculture, with the current population increasing by 2050, this is a great business to be in."

To view a few of the product highlights, view the descriptions, videos and photos below. To also view the 9RX four-track tractor and prices click here


S-Series Combine Updates

  • New shoe drive system with wider belt
  • 12% larger cleaning sieve
  • DynaFlow Plus cleaning system
    • Increases combine capacity up to 10% in corn, 13% in wheat 
  • Active Terrain Adjustment
    • Automatically controls the fan speed and sieve/chaffer openings 
    • When running uphill, decreases fan speed and opens the chaffer and sieve
    • When running downhill, increases fan speed and closes the chaffer and sieve
    • Impact: Uphill slopes of 12-16 degrees, can result in $32-$64 savings per acre
  • Active Yield with automated calibration
  • Onboard air compressor


612FC folding 12-row corn head 

  • Configuration for 30" spacing
  • Improved row unit slip clutch and drive shaft interface
  • Provides up to 30 acres more per day (versus traditional eight-row)
  • Provides up to 6 acres more per day (versus traditional 12-row)
  • Reduces operating costs by 15%


600FD Hydraflex Drapers

  • 3 new models: 630FD, 635FD, 640FD
  • New streamlined end dividers
  • Wider center-feed section to accommodate higher volume of crop
    • Increase in center belt drive speed 
    • Increases material feeding by 15%
  • More robust reel fingers for greater pickup
    • Centered divider design
    • 30% stronger reel fingers
  •  Reduces crop loss
    • Easier for transport


459E Round Balers

  • Edge-to-Edge net wrap option
    • 75% faster compared to twine, results in 30% to 60% less spoilage
  • Produces 4- by 5-ft. bales
  • Equipped with six Diamond Belts 
    • Covers more than 90% of the bale chamber, 20% greater belt coverage
    • Reduces leaf loss, improves bale quality
  • Two wrap options: net or twine
  • Adjustable hitch, accommodates all sizes of tractors, ideal height of 16" to 18"
  • BaleTrak Pro Monitor
  • Prices range from $20,000 to $25,000, depending upon added options and twine-only versus net


W155 Self-Propelled Windrower

  • 4.5 liter engine
  • 155 hp
  • Four-point independent spring and shock cab suspension
  • Reversible operating station
  • Single-point multi-coupler with a hydraulic center link
  • AutoTrac Controller Kit option
    • When paired with AutoTrac Activation, GreenStar Display and StarFire 3000 Receiver, can reduce header overlap by up to 90%
  • 9.5% faster transport speed



8000 Series Self-Propelled Forage Harvester

  • Three new models:
    • 8300, 483 hp with 13.5-liter engine
    • 8700, 755 hp, non-EGR 19.0-liter engine
    • 8800, 832 hp, non-EGR 19-liter engine
  • Equipped with HarvestLab
  • Sports Small Drum Rotary Harvesting units from 6-12 rows
  • Equipped with all-new 9 series hay pick-ups
  • Automatically speed-matched to the length of cut
  • Offers 50% more uptime in-field
  • 770 Plus Rotary Harvesting Unit
    • Outer drums turn inward
    • Reduces stalk and ear losses
    • Improves ability to harvest down corn
  • Active Fill Control, uses 2 stereo cameras mounted on spout
  • Allows for automated filling of trucks and wagons
  • Dual tire option available 
  • Boost in fuel efficiency (up to 6% in corn and up to 15% in grass)
  • Sports a pivoting frame


TruSet available on 2730 Combination Ripper 

  • Independently adjusts depth and pressure settings from the cab, on-the-go in up to 6 seconds
  • Quickly responds to changing conditions; running deeper over end rows, working shallower on hilltops and lighter soils
  • 4 memory set points
    • Allows to save settings for most field conditions
    • Can fine-tune adjustments on display
  • Can adjust depth settings for disks, rippers and closing disks on the 2730 
  • Can change pressure setting for active hydraulic rolling baskets
  • Adjustments made in-cab from GreenStar 3 2630 Display
  • Allows for real-time data for actual tillage settings


2510H High Speed Applicator with Dry Nutrient Attachment

  • Offered for the current 2510H, 15-row applicator
  • Adds dry N, P and K while simultaneously injecting anhydrous
  • Offers two tank sizes, 6- or 9- ton dry tanks
  • Three-season machine (pre, post and sidedress)
  • 50% increase in equipment asset utilization, helps reduce soil compaction by eliminating trips
  • Provides underframe clearance for sidedressing corn



Triple-Mounted Mo-Co lineup

  • Two front machines:
    • F310R and F350R
    • Cutting widths of 3.1 and 3.5 meters
  • Both front machines can be combined with two different configurations or rear machines, delivers three different configurations: R870R, R950R, R990R
    • Cutting widths of 8.7, 9.5 and 9.9 meters
  • AutoTrac guidance system allows mower conditions to cut and condition at up to 28 MPH
  • Transport speeds can range up to 30 MPH and transport widths can be configured to 3.5 meters or less
  • New ground pressure cylinder allows for ground pressure adjustment in seconds



6E Series Tractor lineup

  • Three models range from 6105E, 6120E, 6135E
  • Sports a PowerTech engine
  • Saves fluid by handeling regeneration automatically
  • When combined with reduced fluid consumption, can save $2,000 per year
  • Two PowerReverser transmissions: 14/12 Hi/Lo with 11 working speeds, standard 12/12 transmission: 6 working speeds
  • Optional air seat with 15 degree swivel
  • Prices include:
    • 6105E with cab – $72,964.00
    • 6120E with cab - $79,014.00
    • 6135E with cab - $85,084.00



ExactEmerge RetroFit Kit

  • Available for late-model John Deere planters only
  • Can improve 100% increase in planting speed
  • Can boost 10% improvement in seed spacing accuracy
  • Available for model year 2011 and newer 1770NT CCS and 1790 planters
  • Also available for model year 2012 and newer DB Series planters
  • Components include: meter and hopper assemblies, cartridge assemblies, 56v electric drives and row unit controller assemblies, scrapers, cartridge guards, mounting hardware and others.
  • Kits require use of tractor power generation and GreenStar 3 2630 Display



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