John Phipps' Book Review: Sourdough by Robin Sloan

09:17PM Nov 01, 2018
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Sourdough by Robin Sloan

If you tried to imagine the absolute opposite of our world on the farm, you might come close with the foodie/tech realm of San Francisco. This wonderfully written novel engages readers with a mixture of wit, fact, and imagination that even farmers can find enjoyable. Centered on a software engineer with zero culinary skills who gets drawn into the obscure world of artisan bread-making, the story consistently surprises and delights. Her search for meaning in an abstract profession is subtly woven through the narrative, and reaches a satisfying conclusion. The depictions and adventures of lives so different from ours in our own country is a reminder how varied our culture is, and how we experience it from a fairly isolated perspective. Sloan is adept with dialogue and plot, and I now know more than I want about the mysteries of yeast, extreme farmer’s markets, and the bizarre world of high technology work lives. Simply a great way to spend a few hours in another reality.