John Phipps: What's at Stake In Renegotiating NAFTA?

September 19, 2017 07:43 AM


I have been waiting to respond to this email in order to get some idea how things could work out.

Leo Legoretta of  Neponset, Ill, asked “So what about NAFTA? Can we have a lucid conversation about that, now that it's on table?” 

NAFTA is much on the minds of farmers these days, but this topic will need a full AgSplainer. Tyne has been doing an excellent job of providing background information and breaking news regarding NAFTA negotiations.  I’ll try to break down the issues and possible outcomes.

Broadly speaking grain and livestock farmers benefited from increased export opportunities as Nafta took effect. Produce growers such as tomato producers, not so much. Overall the ag sector has a lot to lose should talks fail or if NAFTAis abandoned.

View the video to see John's Phipps' full commentary on U.S. Farm Report. 




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