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John Deere Partners With Open Platform

00:35AM Dec 07, 2013

With recent updates and emerging partnerships, John Deere operators are one step closer to fully integrated and wireless data transfer from the field.

For example, farmers can opt-in to upload their harvest field data directly into Pioneer Field360 Select software from their John Deere GreenStar 3 2630 display through MyJohnDeere. With this wireless data transfer, farmers have full access to the Pioneer Field360 agronomic services. Select software can also be used at other times of the year to generate plant­ing and fertilizer prescription files and send them directly to the farmer’s GreenStar 3 2630 displays in the field.

The company is exploring software and application development with more than 45 partners

Introduced in 2012, is the online portal that connects the man­age­ment of various equipment information, pro­duc­tion data and farm operations. It’s an open plat­form site, meaning that approved partners can provide software and applications on its main portal.

To explore potential software and application partnerships, John Deere hosted a conference this past fall, which brought together more than 45 companies.

MyJohnDeere is part of a three-pronged strategy, which also includes JD Link and wireless data transfer. It aims to provide a centralized platform for farmers to share their data with trusted partners, including John Deere dealers or other service providers.

Customers are able to view and manage their information from smartphones, tablets and computers when and where they need it.

John Deere differentiates data into three categories: machine, production and other. Machine data examples include fuel consumption, machine health indicators, vehicle diagnostic codes and engine performance. Production data generally relates to the work farmers do with the equipment and the land on which the work is performed. For exam­ple, this category includes crop yields, field task details, materials moved and agronomic inputs applied. Other data can include variable-rate prescriptions for the field, plus user-entered notes and reports.

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