July Milk Production Up Less Than 1%

02:15PM Aug 17, 2012
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The United States Department of Agriculture announced this afternoon that July U.S. milk production rose just 0.7% over a year ago. June milk production was up 0.9%.

Cow numbers declined an estimated 12,000 head from June, but were still 29,000 head higher than a year ago. And despite some very high heat across the nation’s mid-section in July, milk per cow was 1,799 pounds, or 7 lb. higher than last year.

Of the six states reporting production declines, five were in the West: California, -1%; New Mexico, -2.7%; Oregon, -1.8%, Texas, -2.4%, and Washington, -3.3%. The only eastern state to report a production decline was Pennsylvania, -2.4%.

Of these declining Western states, only New Mexico (-2,000) and Washington (-4,000) reported declines in cow numbers. Pennsylvania was down 5,000 cows.

Colorado reported that largest production surge on percentage basis, up 5.8%. Utah was up 5.6%.

Wisconsin was up the most in total pounds of milk, 95 million lb, or 4.4%. Michigan was up 4.1%, but just 29 million lb. on a volume basis.

You can read the full July production report here