Kansas Cotton Gin Could see its Second Biggest Year

02:03AM Jan 20, 2017
A cotton boll from Red Land Cotton.
( Chris Bennett )

At a time where crop prices are poor and the farm economy is bleak, the small town of Cullison is seeing an optimistic future for cotton.

The Hutchinson News reports that the southern Kansas cotton gin formerly known as High Plains Cotton could see its second biggest ginning year. Its first was in 2007, when it ginned 24,000 bales.

The facility was purchased by area farmer investors in November and renamed Next GINeration. Roger Sewell, the General manager and one of the owners, says ginning should be complete by the end of February.

"I'm optimistic," Sewell said, adding that regarding acreage, "We grew 100 percent last year and we'll grow 100 percent this year."

Sewell said the high yields are a result of good weather during the growing season.

"It's exciting to have a new perspective on cotton," Sewell said. "We're looking forward to a good year this year with extraordinary cotton yields, good grades and prices holding up."

According to the National Agricultural Statistics Service, Kansas cotton production this year is forecast to be up 103 percent from last year. Farmers are expected harvest 31,000 acres, which is a 94 percent increase compared with 2015.