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Keep Your Farming Team Talking

12:50PM Nov 17, 2017

Clear Communication Builds Trust( Farm Journal )

Building pest control around hybrid/variety weaknesses means a variety of control measures will probably be necessary. That means the pest boss, and everyone on the pest management team, must communicate.

“One of the most crucial elements of successful pest management is communication among all team members,” says Farm Journal Field Agronomist Ken Ferrie. “That includes planter, sprayer and combine operators, suppliers, scouts and everyone involved with producing the crop.

“When I see pest management failures on farms, they usually can be traced to a lack of communication. And that usually occurs because cropping plans were changed. Mother Nature sometimes forces us to call audibles at the line of scrimmage; but if the person running the planter switches from a GMO variety to a non-GMO that’s a recipe for disaster if the person running the sprayer doesn’t know about it.”

In smaller operations, posting information on a workboard or sending an email to all members of the pest management team might be sufficient. “But there’s a lot of new technology we can use to ensure communication,” Ferrie says. “Besides smartphones and tablets, we can use GPS or LoJack technology to make sure equipment is in the right field. With telekinetics, machines can talk to each other and store information on the cloud. That lets the pest boss see what’s happening in real time, which helps prevent mistakes.”