Kemin Builds Encapsulated Amino Acids Facility in Iowa

09:06AM Jun 11, 2012
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Source: Kemin 

Kemin has completed construction of a manufacturing facility for MicroPEARLS® encapsulated amino acids at its global headquarters in Des Moines, Iowa. The patented MicroPEARLS spray freezing process is a highly effective method for encapsulating key nutrients that can bypass the rumen and be released in the gastrointestinal tract where they are absorbed more efficiently. The new $3 million facility will manufacture the company’s encapsulated lysine, marketed under the name LysiPEARLTM.
“Our decision to build a facility in Des Moines was an investment in our customers,” shares Kemin president and CEO Dr. Chris Nelson. “For several years, we have supplied dairies worldwide with LysiPEARL manufactured at our facility in Italy. Our expanded manufacturing capacity in Des Moines will allow us to meet the growing need for bypass amino acids in dairy cattle, particularly in North America.”
LysiPEARL is designed to deliver a specific amount of intestinally available lysine to the cow. The LysiPEARL technology is supported by data-driven research using a sophisticated model that has been validated by university trials and proven results at commercial dairies. Utilizing encapsulated amino acids in feed rations permits dairy producers to better meet the specific amino acid requirements of the animal, allowing cows to reach maximum milk production and milk components.
“LysiPEARL is being used in dairy herds around the world with great success because of our ability to transfer laboratory research into practical applications that provide our customers with the maximum economic return,” says Dr. Fernando Valdez, director of technical services for the animal nutrition and health division in North America. “We share our customers’ demand for quality products backed by sound science, and are committed to being the trusted market leader of new and proven technologies for the animal feed industry.”
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